2010 MeCCSA Postgraduate Conference

Programme for MeCCSA-PGN 2010 Conference

Wolfson Medical School Building, University of Glasgow [PDF campus map]

Wednesday 30th June

09: 30 – 10:00 Conference Registration (with tea/coffee and scones) (Atrium)


10:00- 11:30 Session A

Making History: Constructing National Identities (Yudowitz Seminar Room)

Chair:  HelenWright

Maria Antonia Velez-Serna: Programming practices and filmsupply in Scotland Before WorldWar I

Elizabeth Rawitsch: Mapping Frank Capra’s "United States ofthe World": The Role Of the Far East in theConstruction of American Identity

Jennifer Mooney: Ireland and the Irish in AmericanVaudeville and Early Cinema 1880-1920


Historicising Performance: Tracing Changes in BritishActing Styles (HughFraser Seminar Room)

Chair: Laura Bissell

Richard Hewett: Changes in Acting Style in BritishTelevision Drama since 1960

Trevor Rawlins: Professional Actor Training in the Age ofUncertainty: The Adaptation of training methodologies to the dominance of the screen In the working life of the actor

Searching the Archives: Putting Regional Television backon the Map (Gannochy Seminar Room)

Chair: Lynn Whitaker

Julie Ives: Can you see the join?: Looking for continuityand change in ITV regional Programming in theMidlands, 1975-85

Orla Lafferty: An archival exploration of UTV and itsrepresentation of the Troubles From 1968-1998

Gillian Murray: Finding ‘news’ of working women in thechanging media landscape of the Midlands, 1950-80


11: 45- 12: 45 Plenary (Yudowitz)

Professor Christine Geraghty : ‘"Who speaks and to whom?": in defence of Media Studies’

12: 45 -13: 45 Lunch (Atrium)

Poster Display: Sally Broughton-Micova/ Rachael Flynn/ AnnaDraniewicz

Shannon Magness: Film Screening (Yudowitz)

13: 45- 15: 15 Session B

Transformations of the Monstrous (Yudowitz)

Chair: Alexia Smit

Kat Hughes: ‘I Go Both Ways’: Queer Romance in Teen Horror Films

Rachel Mizsei-Ward: Plushies, Carl Cthulhu and Chibithulu: The Transformation of Cthulhu from Horrific Body to Cute Body

Rachel Cohen: Cinematic Constructions of the Female Serial Killer: A Psychosocial Audience Study

Politics and Propaganda: Analysing Global News Coverage (HughFraser)

Chair: Chris Buckle

Chen Li: Constructing the news narratives in our minds: acomparative study of Perceived news values and British media coverage of 2008 Tibet Riots

Shelley Thompson: News about Nanotechnology: a framing study of The Guardian And New York Times‘ Reporting since the 1980s

Florian Zollman: Mediating Massacres?: A comparativeanalysis of German press Coverage of the Racak and Fallujah incidents

Shalini Sharma: Politics of Body Spectacle: old movementscreating new(s) stories

Space and Performance From Gardens to Cities (Gannochy)

Chair: Maria Antonia Velez-Serna

Douglas MacNaughton: Imperial Spaces: I, Claudius andConstructing the Eternal City at White City

Lavinia Brydon: Gardener’s Question Time: Is the garden acinematic space to rival that of the City?

Lin Feng: The Construction of Cosmopolitan Citizenship inChow Yun-fat’s Comedies


15: 15- 15: 30 Coffee/Tea Break (Atrium)

15: 30-17: 00 Session C

Documenting the Past (Yudowitz)

Chair: Maggie Sweeney

Patricia Prieto-Blanco: Familial Photography as a Performative Construction Jolene Mairs: Unheard Voices: Audio Visual Recordings of Memories from the Troubles in Northern Ireland

Shannon Magness: Doppelganger! Mis-taken Identity and Self-Alienation in Autobiographical Documentary

Pawas Bisht: The Testimonial Subject as TransitionalArtefact: Rhetorical Witnessing In Documentary Representations of the Bhopal Gas Disaster

Negotiating Narrative and Image (Hugh Fraser)

Chair:  SarahWylie

Chris Buckle: ‘Raw Footage’ in the War on Terror

Lyle Skains & Amy Chambers: Visualising the Story fromText to Screen: Application of Film Adaptation Techniques to Digital Fiction

Vincent M. Gaine: Look at the Shiny Shiny! : NarrativeDeficiencies and Visual Pleasures in Avatar


Public Relations (Gannochy)

Chair: TBC

Zeti Azreen Ahmad: The role of public relations (PR) incorporate social Responsibility Suttanipa Srisai: Thailand’s Public Relations and ICT

Lai Che Ching: Understanding sports public relations fromthe power and Foucouldian perspective


17:00- 23:00 Social Event (Glasgow University Union, 23 University Avenue)

Complimentary drinks and dinner reception with pub quiz!


Thursday 1st July

09:00 -10:30 Session D

Imagining Nation on Television (Yudowitz)

Chair: Susan Berridge

Melanie Hoyes: "Yeah but…Am I bovvered?": Class, NationalIdentity and Youth in British Television Comedy

Debra Ramsay: ‘It’s not TV. It’s DVD’: the marketing ofmemories in the DVD of HBO’s Band of Brothers

Luiza Lusvarghi: Law, Urban Violence and Order: Cop Shows asa Brazilian TV Genre

Cultural Policy (Hugh Fraser)

Chair: Veluree Metaveevinij

Jong-Eun Chung: Combining the Third Way with the Third Wave:British discourses of ‘creativity’ and the frame shift ofKorean ‘cultural industries’ policy

Ma Weijun: Chinese Reform TV Drama: From Propaganda toResistance

Phil Ramsey: Market led, not public led: a public sphere analysis of the BBC Executive proposal document, Putting Quality First: The BBC and Public Space

Ranjana Das and Max Hanska-Ahy: The interpretative task indeductive research: What aninterview can teach us about a concept

Mediating Sport On-screen : From the Olympic Games to theEnglish Premier League (Gannochy)

Chair: Aimee Mollaghan

Jennifer Jones: Social Media and the Olympic Games: FromVancouver to London

Ira Yusof : The global mediation of football: television,branding and the English Premier League in Malaysia

Ana Adi : How did the British media reflect China’s humanrights record during the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games?

10: 30- 10: 45 Tea/Coffee with scones (Atrium)

10:45-11:45 Plenary (Yudowitz)

Professor Philip Schlesinger: ‘Academic expertise and public policy’

11:45-12:45 Lunch (Atrium)

12:00- 12: 30: Film Screening : The Online Journal of Audiovisual Thinking (Hugh Fraser)

(Inge Ejbye Sorensen)

12:45- 14:15 Academic Publishing Workshop (Yudowitz)

Dr. David Archibald (University of Glasgow)

Rebecca Barden (BFI/Palgrave)

Dr. Glyn Davis (Glasgow School of Art)

Kat Hughes (eSharp Postgraduate Online Journal)

Dr. Jonny Murray (Edinburgh College of Art)


14:15 – 14:30 Tea/coffee break (Atrium)


14:30-16:00 Session E

Identity in Flux: Negotiating Representations of Gender,Race and Ethnicity (Yudowitz)

Chair: Heta Mulari

Lei Chin Pang: Women in Wong Kar Wai’s Post-Colonial HongKong

Hanita Mohd. Mokhtar-Ritchie: The Melodramatic Mode and Female Representation in Yasmin Ahmad’s ‘Sepet’

Suzanne Passmore: Exploring Race and Ethnicity in HarryPotter Through Critical Fan Practices

Antonella Palmieri: Hollywood and the Exotic Allure ofFemale Italianness: The Ethnic and GenderDynamics of 1950s America in Anna Magnani’s American Persona

Mapping Music (Hugh Fraser)

Chair: Nessa Johnston

Markee Rambo-Hood: The Musical Logic of Postdramatic Theatre

Aimee Mollaghan: The Role of the Minimalist Musical Aestheticin the Line Films of Norman McLaren

Andrew Branch: Remade and Remodelled: Social Mobility, Youthand the Uses of Popular Music

Bob Anderson: "We Always Got on the Guest List": The Role ofIndependent Record Shops in Glasgow’s Music Scene

Online Activism : Building politicised communities? (Gannochy)

Chair:  KatHughes

Adnan Hadzi: Why Openness Matters: The Deptford.TV project

Margot Buchannon: Facebook: Not Just Another Social Networking Site

Khalil Al Agha: Muslim Youths and Political Engagement inthe UK: How Social Networking websites affects the political engagement of Muslim Youths in the UK

16:15-17:15 MeCCSA-PGN Meeting (Hugh Fraser)


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