Three-D Issue 18: Even more bad news from London Met

Gholam Khiabany University of Sussex The impact of the government’s devastating attacks on universities and the corporatizing of education under the banner of “choice” are more visible in post 92 universities and nowhere more so than the beleaguered  London Metropolitan University.  The marketplace test, which according to government will allow students to choose freely from …Continue Reading

Impact of new fees regime

Dear MeCCSA member, In November last year I wrote to ask you how the changes in University funding were affecting your departments. Thank you to those who responded at that time. Now that all UCAS applications for this year are more or less in, and universities have decided on their immediate strategies for dealing with …Continue Reading

Request for feedback on HE cuts from MeCCSA members

Dear MeCCSA member, As the national subject association, we are very concerned to hear from members about how the cuts/fees/privatisation regime is now impacting on your departments, institutions and yourselves as individual academic/academic-related staff. Our subject area seems particularly under threat (the October UCAS figures suggested a 40% drop in applications at that point), so …Continue Reading

MeCCSA Response to Higher Education White Paper

MeCCSA’s response to the White Paper arises from a period of discussion and dialogue with members over the consultation period. Our response is divided into the following sections that reflect the key concerns of our members: Education vs. employability; Contestable Student Places; ‘Efficiency’ Savings; Education for sale and for profit; Micro-Management or Accountability?; Inequality; Employer Sponsorship; The Role of HEFCE.

How you can campaign against the cuts

Here are some ideas of what you can do if you want to campaign against the cuts: 1. Seek to be heard and influence any platform that you have access to, across any network and in any public setting. Analysis and critique are what we are good at – we need to use our skills …Continue Reading

Key points as of 15 November

Complete cut in teaching subsidy to arts, humanities and social sciences announced. STEM subjects and some modern languages to be protected. Cap on student fees to be set at £9,000 with no government levy to pay (as originally mooted in the Browne Review) but stringent requirements for widening participation and fair access for those who …Continue Reading

Summary of Browne Review

 Tuition Fees No limit on fees charged by universities Universities would be subject to a levy on all fees charged above £6,000 (40% of the first £1,000, 45% of the second, 50% of the third etc) The levy begins at £6,000 to instil "a focus on efficiency" in the system Some funding for certain courses …Continue Reading

Campaign Resources and Materials

Below you will find a series of links that you can use as campaign resources and materials. Condensed summary for those asked to comment Double whammy – loss of government funding for Arts, humanities and Social Sciences, plus a (likely) cut to the research budget (still awaiting details on this) Basic economics means bigger courses …Continue Reading

Sample letter to a Lib Dem MP

(written by Nick Couldry) Dear Don Foster I am writing to express my deep concern at the cuts proposed by the Coalition to government’s funding support of undergraduate teaching in universities. My concern here is not specifically with the raising of student tuition fees although there are broader worries that freeing up fees without the …Continue Reading

Template letter to MPs

Dear MP I am writing as a constituent to express my deep concern at the cuts proposed by the Coalition to the government’s funding support of undergraduate teaching in universities. My main concern is with the Coalition’s decision to use Browne’s recommended freeing-up of student fees as the ‘pretext’ for withdrawing all support for undergraduate …Continue Reading

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