Three-D Issue 19

Three-D, issue 19 (PDF, 3.1Mb) In this issue: 1  Publishing crossroads (Einar Thorsen) MeCCSA Annual Conferences 2 MeCCSA 2013: Spaces and Places of Culture (Máire Messenger Davies) 5 MeCCSA 2014: Bournemouth University (Hugh Chignell) Academic Publishing 6 Publishing problems (Larry Gross) 8 Free labour and academic publishing (Veronica Barassi) 9 Self-publishing for academics (Paul Bradshaw) …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 19: Change for change’s sake in Romanian HE

Marcela Ganea & Constantin Coderie Artifex University of Bucharest This article is meant to emphasize that lack of funds, lack of correlation and too much centralized decision have weakened the Romanian education during the last 22 years. Despite continuous claiming that reforms are taking place, the overall quality of education decreased in Romania. On the …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 19: Experiments in open content

Caroline Wintersgill Bloomsbury Academic With debates raging on whether Gold Open Access or a mandated form of Green Open Access is a preferable model for future research dissemination , and against a related backdrop of hostility to academic publishers (George Monbiot calls us ‘knowledge monopoly racketeers’)  developments in access to scholarly books, as opposed to …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 19: Palgrave Pivot

Felicity Plester Palgrave Macmillan In 2011 Palgrave Macmillan commissioned a series of surveys of over 1,200 Humanities and Social Sciences researchers from around the world to better understand the challenges they face when publishing scholarly research. Their responses illustrated the perceived restrictions in scholarly publishing – particularly regarding length, speed and timeliness – all rationales …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 19: New directions in media research

Dimitrinka Atanasova & Jennifer Cole University of Leicester On 13th June 2012 PhD students at the Department of Media and Communication, University of Leicester, hosted a one day conference event showcasing post-graduate research in the field of media and communication, titled ‘New Directions in Media Research’. This was the first event of this kind, organised …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 19: AHRC Leadership Fellow: Connected Communities programme

George McKay University of Salford George McKay, Professor of Cultural Studies at the University of Salford, has been appointed to a three-year leadership fellowship by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) for one of its programmes, focusing on community cultures and understanding. George was lead organiser of the 2011 MeCCSA conference as well as …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 19: Secret City

Lee Salter University of the West of England A film about the City of London, the Corporation that runs it and its role in the financial crisis  Imagine a city consisting of fewer than 10 thousand residents. Imagine that city’s government elected by businesses, and the bigger the business, the more votes it has. This …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 19: Chair’s report

Sue Thornham University of Sussex As we approach the annual conference and AGM, this issue of Three-D contains information not only about this year’s conference, to be hosted in Derry by the University of Ulster in co-ordination with Derry’s 2013 UK City of Culture programme, but also about next year’s, to be held at the …Continue Reading

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