Three-D Issue 21

Three-D, issue 21 (PDF, 3.1 Mb) In this issue: 1 And now we’re working to contract (Einar Thorsen)  MeCCSA Annual Conferences & Features 2 MeCCSA 2014: Media and the Margins (Dan Jackson) 3 Future Annual Conference Hosts Features 5 Tackling ownership at a snail’s pace (Des Freedman & Justin Schlosberg) 8 Green or gold? The implications for …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 21: Green or gold? Implications for open access

Ann Cummings Library Services Director Brunel University At the beginning of May, David Willetts, in a speech to the Publishers Association[1], said that he wants to see all publicly funded research publicly available, and that the current funding model for academic publishing will need to change. On 18th June, the Working Group on Expanding Access …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 21: MeCCSA 2014: Media and the Margins

Dan Jackson Bournemouth University Preparations for MeCCSA 2014 continue apace. We are delighted with the response to our call for papers. We received 324 abstracts including 17 panel proposals; second only to the 2010 LSE MeCCSA conference in terms of the volume of proposals received for a MeCCSA annual conference. In line with MeCCSA’s ethos …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 21: And now we’re working to contract

Einar Thorsen Bournemouth University In this issue of Three-D Des Freedman and Justin Schlosberg offer an excellent critique of the government’s (attempted) consultation on plurality and media ownership. We also continue our coverage of open access publishing, with Ann Cummings providing a welcome perspective from library services and Anna Feigenbaum taking a look at personal …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 21: PGN Conference: Participation

Agnes Ziolkowski-Trzak & James Harvey-Davitt Anglia Ruskin University Thanks to the MeCCSA PGN, Anglia Ruskin University was able to host a postgraduate conference under the theme of ‘Participation’ on April 13th. The department of Communication, Film and Media, in association with Anglia Ruskin’s research institute ARCMedia, were happy to welcome participants from around the UK. …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 21: MeCCSA Postgraduate Conference 2013

Rachel Tavernor University of Sussex Our annual MeCCSA Postgraduate Network conference took place in July at the University of East Anglia. The focus of the conference was on the future career prospects for postgraduate researchers. At a time of transformation in Higher Education, many postgraduate researchers are concerned about the prospects of an academic career. …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 21: Women’s Media Studies Network events

Heather Nunn Roehampton University The WMSN was pleased to sponsor two panels last summer: Women, Media and Activism roundtable conducted at Console-ing Passions in June 2013. Our thanks go to panelists Lisa Howell, Karen Boyle, Katie Hind, Ganiyat Adenle, Angela Martin and to Kaitlynn Mendes as convenor. Women’s Cinema in Greece, in the Balkans, in …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 21: Inaugural Event of the Social Movements Network

Ruth Sanz Sabido Canterbury Christ Church Stuart Price De Montfort University The inaugural event of the MeCCSA Social Movements Network Generations of Protest: Marxism Matters? takes place on the 20th and 21st of November 2013 at De Montfort University, Leicester. Supported by the Media Discourse Group and the Social Movements Network, this conference follows on …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 21: The Radio Research Conference, September 2013

Eleanor Shember-Critchley Manchester Metropolitan University Thanks to MeCCSA funding, members of the Network were pleased to hold a pre-conference panel at ECREA Radio Research 2013 that took place in London from 11-13 September. The panel, put together by Salvatore Scifo, featured Janey Gordon from Radio LaB, University of Bedfordshire, Andrew David, Managing Editor at Siren …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 21: The BUFVC: Supporting Practice and Research

Sarah Allen-Reading British Universities Film & Video Council Founded in 1948, the British Universities Film & Video Council (BUFVC) is a charity and membership organisation that aims to advance post-compulsory education and research by putting moving image and sound on an equal footing with text. Currently 82% of UK higher education (HE) institutions are members …Continue Reading

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