Three-D Issue 25: Media coverage of business and the environment

Nathan Farrell Bournemouth University The UK-based non-profit organisation Influence Map recently published a study ‘Measuring Corporate Influence on Climate Policy.’ The study ranked the top 100 companies in the 2014 ‘Forbes Global 2000’ list in terms of each corporation’s ‘readiness in the case of a shift towards a low carbon regulatory regime.’ Using data compiled from the corporations’ own …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 25: Chair’s report

Natalie Fenton Goldsmiths, University of London Since the last newsletter we’ve had a Conservative government elected, Corbyn-mania has taken hold, a new academic year has begun and with the new term comes another three government/parliamentary consultations! Why do the deadlines for consultations always seem to coincide with the busiest times in the academic calendar? This …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 25: Keeping the ‘British’ in the BBC

Neil Blain University of Stirling The relationship between BBC corporate headquarters in London and its BBC Scotland counterpart in Glasgow has seldom been without tensions. These are usually about finance and control, against a background, not mutually understood, of the distinctness of Scottish culture, society and politics. More recently, during and after the independence referendum, …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 25: Why the BBC’s international coverage must be protected from ignorance, and ideology

James Rodgers City University London Foreign affairs usually count for little at general elections. Voters’ more pressing concerns come to the fore: health, education, their own personal economic circumstances. There are exceptions. While exact effects are hard to prove, the Liberal Democrats’ claim that they benefited in the 2005 UK election from opposition to the …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 25: Beeb-bashing by the Right: is it justified?

Ivor Gaber University of Sussex My entry for the prize for the most unsurprising allegation of the year was the uncannily similar complaints that emanated from a number of Conservative MPs who claimed that the BBC’s reporting of the 2015 general election had been overtly pro-Labour (fat lot of good it did them, one might …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 25: On with the dance: the BBC and entertainment

Máire Messenger Davies University of Ulster The weekend of September 25th and 26th this year was a long-awaited one in the BBC’s TV viewing calendar. All over the country, millions of people1 were settling down with sighs of contentment and anticipation and, no doubt, large glasses of something refreshing, to watch the start of the new …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 25: The battle for the BBC and struggle for public space

Graham Murdock Loughborough University & Goldsmiths, University of London The current struggle over the future of the BBC is part of a wider battle for the preservation of public spaces that provide essential resources for personal development, unexpected encounters, shared conviviality, and the mutual recognition at the heart of democratic life. They were the result …Continue Reading

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