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MeCCSA is the subject association for the field of media, communication and cultural studies in UK Higher Education. Visit our About MeCCSA page for more information.

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Association Activities: Agnes Gulyas (Convenor); Karen Boyle; Janey Gordon; Caroline Ruddell; Anita Biressi Jo Littler; Milly Williamson; Heather Nunn;  Joanna Callaghan; Natalie Fenton Administration and Communications: Einar Thorsen (Convenor); Cindy Carter; Elizabeth Poole; Naomi Sakr; Jeanette Steemers; Karen Ross; Anita Biressi Academic Development:  Peter Golding (Convenor); Karen Boyle; John Downey; Mark Jancovich; Jamie Medhurst; Anita Biressi MeCCSA Executive’s Network Liaison: Agnes Gulyas Online Communications and Newsletter Editor: Einar Thorsen Climate …Continue Reading

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