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Association Activities:
Agnes Gulyas (Convenor); Karen BoyleJaney GordonCaroline RuddellAnita Biressi

Jo Littler; Milly Williamson; Heather Nunn;  Joanna Callaghan; Natalie Fenton

Administration and Communications:
Einar Thorsen (Convenor); Cindy CarterElizabeth PooleNaomi SakrJeanette SteemersKaren RossAnita Biressi

Academic Development: 
Peter Golding (Convenor); Karen BoyleJohn DowneyMark JancovichJamie MedhurstAnita Biressi

MeCCSA Executive’s Network Liaison: Agnes Gulyas

Online Communications and Newsletter Editor: Einar Thorsen

Climate Change Network Chairperson: Julie Doyle

Disability Studies Network Liaison: This network is currently inactive. If you would like to revive it, please get in touch with Agnes Gulyas.

Policy Network Coordinator: Jeanette Steemers

Postgraduate Network Chairperson: Tianyang Zhou

Practice Network Chairperson: Joanna Callaghan

Race, Ethnicity and Postcolonial Network Chairperson: Rinella Cere

Radio Studies Network Chairperson: Jo Coleman

Social Movements Network Chairperson: Ruth Sanz Sabido

Women’s Media Studies Network Chairperson: Milly Williamson


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