Postgraduate Network call for 2013 conference and symposia for 2011 and beyond

The MeCCSA Postgraduate Network (PGN) seeksapplicants from post-graduate students interested in hosting the 2013 annual postgraduate conference.Successful candidates will receive also financial support (£3000) support from the Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for Art, Design and Media (ADM-HEA). Theyare also encouraged to apply for AHRC funding for additional funds andseek support from their university in the form of reduced or waivedroom fees and other such accommodations.

Candidates should submit:
– A proposal including a description of the event
– A preliminary timetable, venue and budget
– A letter of support from their department

Applications will be assessed based on the viability of the event, aswell as how well it meets the aims of the PGN. In addition, thedepartment to which a candidate belongs must be a institutional member ofMeCCSA. It should also be noted that the event should be aimed towardspost-graduate students only, although keynote speakers may be coming fromin the academic or practice based community.

The MeCCSA Postgraduate Network is also seeking applicants wanting to host symposia for 2011 and beyond.

Applications and further information requests should be sent to Markee Rambo-Hood, Secretary of the PGN at

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