The terrible girls: feminism and popular culture

This panel had been convened on the occasion of the publication of
Diane Negra’s book What a Girl Wants?: Fantasizing the Reclamation of
Self in Postfeminism and as a continuation of the debates raised in the
successful conference ‘The Point of Feminism’ which took place at
Reading in September. We are pleased that Professor Negra has agreed to
be one of our respondents.

Introduced by Heather Nunn (WMSN Chair) and Anita Biressi (WMSN Communications)


Kaitlynn Mendes (Nottingham)
‘The lady is a closet feminist!’: The shift towards post-feminism in British and American newspapers 

Helen Thornham (City)
Gendered cover stories or ‘Why Girls Can’t Game’

Nancy Thumim (LSE)
Can self-representation challenge representations in ‘postfeminist’ times?

Elke Weissmann (Edge Hill)
Subversing transformations: postfeminism and progression  narratives in
make-over television


Vicky Ball (Sunderland) and Diane Negra (University College, Dublin)

Click here to download the papers presented at this panel

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