MeCCSA Conference 2010

MeCCSA held its last conference from 6th -8th January 2010, hosted by the Department of Media and Communications, London School of Economics and Political Science and held at LSE. It included a reception and conference dinner at LSE. In keeping with the commitment of LSE’s Department of Media and Communications to policy-relevance and to the highest ethical standards of
practice in our field, the overall theme of the 2010 conference was Media, Communication, Policy and Practice.

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Poster Competition
The MeCCSA Executive Committee offered a poster competition prize of £100. The academic poster is highly valued by MeCCSA as an indicator of current research.
Prize Awarded to Rosidayu Sabran (University of Leicester), for the poster Political Economy of Conglomeration and its impact on television programming: the case of Malaysia.

Competition for Best Paper on Art, Design and Media for Higher Education

The Art Design Media – Higher Education Academy Subject Centre (ADM-HEA) offered a £500 prize and publication for the best paper analysing key issues impacting on media, communications and cultural studies in higher education.
Prize Awarded to Daniel Ashton (Bath Spa University) for the paper ‘You just end up feeling more professional’: Media production and industry ready personhood.

Competition for Best Paper on Media and Communications Policy
LSE’s Department of Media and Communications offered a £300 prize and publication in its Media@LSE Electronic Working Paper Series for the best paper addressing critical perspectives on key issues of policy relevance in a convergent media and communications industry.
Prize Awarded to Prof.Steven Barnett (University of Westminster), What’s Wrong with Media Monopolies? A Lesson from History and a New Approach to Media Ownership Policy


  • Prof Tony Bennett, University of Western Sydney
  • Prof Georgina Born, University of Cambridge
  • Prof Paul du Gay, Warwick Business School
  • Prof Sylvia Harvey, University of Leeds
  • Prof Adam Joinson, Bath Spa University
  • Dr Jason Lee, Derby University
  • Prof Eileen Munro, LSE
  • Dr Kieron O’Hara, University of Southampton
  • Prof Charles Raab, Edinburgh University
  • Paul Woolard, Ofcom
  • Prof Karen Ross, University of Liverpool
  • Dr Katharine Sarikakis, University of Leeds
  • Prof Philip Schlesinger, Glasgow University
  • Dr Gillian Youngs, University of Leicester

MeCCSA AGM 2010 documents

Conference Press Review

Conference fees

The pricing chart for the 2010 MeCCSA Conference at the LSE was as follows:

3 days 1 day
MeCCSA member £210 £155
Non-member £240 £180
Student £130 £100

Conference planning

MeCCSA Conference Planning: Dr. Anita Biressi , Prof. Heather Nunn; Dr. Jason Lee; Paul Kerr; Janey Gordon

LSE Conference Planning: Chair, Prof Robin Mansell; Catherine Bennett, Dr. Bart Cammaerts, Prof Lilie Chouliaraki, Dr. Myria Georgiou, Maria Kyriakidou, Dr Frédérik Lesage, and Prof Sonia Livingstone.

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