Teleology on Television: Wildlife Programmes
Aldridge, Meryl

Panel Discussion – the Current State of Audience

Barker, Martin

The Heroine – Feminist Encounters in the 21st Century
Bennion-Nixon, Lee-Jane

The ‘Virtual Real’: Cyberspace Challenges Cultural Studies
Beynon, John

Reality television does not exist
Bourdon, Jerome

Sex, Drugs and Role Models: Masculinity, the Sporting
Celebrity and the Politics of Responsibility

Brick, Carlton

Transnational TV – The role of Paneuropean Channels
Chalaby, Jean

Daily Express, Suffragettes, and the Greenham Common Women
Clifford, Sadie

Bourdieu and Cultural Studies : the Missing Link?
Couldry, Nick

Setting Up & Teaching a Holocaust Module on a BA Film

Davies, Fred

Reflection on a Confession – Discipline & Docility
in/on the Student Body

Devas, Angela

Asylum and Immigration Discourse in the UK
Downey, John, The Borders of Neoliberal Cosmopolitanism

Collecting ‘Video Nasties’
Egan, Kate

I’m A Celebrity – Analyse Me! : The Changing
Nature of Reality Television and the Cult of the Confession

Fairclough, Kirsty

Channel 5 – the First Five Years
Fanthome, Christine

Shackleton and Neo-Shackletons
Farley, Rebecca

Digital Technology & TV Journalism: a NZ Case-Study
Farnsworth, John

Celebrating Desire – PJ Harvey and Mary J Blige as
Difficult Divas

Gardner, Abigail

Unopened Cans – Moving Image Archives & HE Research
Gray, Frank, Elaine Sheppard

Measuring tabloidisation tendencies in the Flemish press
Hauttekeete, Laurence, Jan Debackere

Political Broadcasting, the Internet, and Democratic Participation
Hibberd, Matthew

Helping International Students with Conversational English
Hibbert-Greaves, J

Situating Fan and Academic Cultures
Hills, Matt, Lyn Thomas, Milly Williamson

Goodbye News Values: New(s) Times in Media Studies
Hoskins, Andrew

Wired, disenfranchised but not necessarily out of touch:
youth attitudes towards mediated democracy

Jones, Janet

A Case Study Of British Newsreel Coverage Of South Africa

Kaye, Linda, Flower Shows And Apartheid

Religion in the Media
King, Mike, William Taylor, Mo Dodson

The Media & Japanese Children in London
Kondo, Kaoruko

Representations of the Concentration Camp, 1940-93
Koven, Mikel

Discourses of Audiorealism, from Phonograph to Digital

Lacey, Kate

Pedagogic issues
Laing, Stuart & Sara Bragg

The Radio Studies Network AGM
Lewis, Peter

Denial & Puritanism in the Age of Pleasure and Plenty
– Anti-TV Discourses

Long, Paul

Robert Donat – a Very British Celebrity?
Lowe, Vicky

From Media to Mediation: Sociology of "Avatars"
as Sociology of Action

Macé, Eric

The Reasons and Dangers to Go back to Sociology
Maigret, Eric

Hybrid Magazine Programmes on British Peaktime TV
Morris, Nigel

Simulations of the Body: Virtual Women
O’Riordan, Kate

Journalism Education in Countries in Transition
Papoutsaki, Evangelia

The Sites of Celebrity: A Case Study of Patrick Stewart
Pearson, Roberta E.

Carla Lane and the BBC Television Light Entertainment
Department in the 1970s

Phillips, Wendy

Rhetorical Masculinity
Price, Stuart

Rottweilers savage democracy: the evolution of the broadcast
political interview

Richards, Barry

Election Call as Real Politik?
Ross, Karen

David Bowie – Celebrity, Performativity and Enchantment
Stevenson, Nick

Celebrity Culture and Teenagers in Thailand
Thapthiang, Nuwan

Videoconferencing as a teaching method
Tolar, Marianne

Conversational TV News
Tolson, Andrew, Trudy Haarman, Joanna Thornborrow, Martin

Stardom at a Stroke: The Illuminating Case of Bpb Marley
Toynbee, Jason

The Editorial Page as Public Form? Denmark vs Britain
Wahl-Jorgensen, Karin

Communication ethics
Winston, Brian, Simon Rogerson, Karen Sanders

Telecommunications: Restructuring Policy in Malaysia
Zanuddin, Hasmah

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