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Three-D Issue 29: Climate Cultures

Nathan Farrell Bournemouth University News coverage of climate change and environmental issues often focus on largescale and planetary events; from the dire warnings issued by international scientific organisations, to dramatic footage of ice shelves collapsing, and global political summits on climate change mitigation. It is understandable that such content forms the core of journalistic considerations …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 28: Framing Catastrophe: Shared Solidarities no 3

Rosalind BruntSheffield Hallam University A date for your diaries: Sheffield Hallam University, Thursday 7 September, 2017. This will be an all-day event: Framing Catastrophe: Shared Solidarities no 3. It is organised jointly by the Social Movements and Climate Change Networks of MeCCSA. As with the previous two events, Shared Solidarities 3 will have a workshop/seminar …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 25: Media coverage of business and the environment

Nathan Farrell Bournemouth University The UK-based non-profit organisation Influence Map recently published a study ‘Measuring Corporate Influence on Climate Policy.’ The study ranked the top 100 companies in the 2014 ‘Forbes Global 2000’ list in terms of each corporation’s ‘readiness in the case of a shift towards a low carbon regulatory regime.’ Using data compiled from the corporations’ own …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 21: MeCCSA CCES Network update

Neil Gavin Liverpool University In April this year Leicester University hosted a successful event under the auspices of the CCES network. This was ‘Climate Change Communication & the Internet: Challenges and Opportunities for Research’ symposium organised by Dr Nelya Koteyko, and attracting nationally and internationally situated scholars. It figured a range of papers on the …Continue Reading

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