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Three-D Issue 19: MeCCSA CCES Network update

Neil Gavin Liverpool University The CCES had some notable successes over the course of the last year or so, and will strive to maintain the momentum. There was the well-attended ‘Reaching the Public on Climate Change: Up-to-and-Beyond UN IPPC 2013-14’ symposium in Liverpool ( And at the beginning of year the MeCCSA conference saw CCES …Continue Reading

Climate Change Communication & the Internet: Challenges and Opportunities for Research

Date: Thursday 12 April 2013 Location: Department of Media and Communication, University of Leicester Contact person for expressions of interest: Dr Nelya Koteyko ( The new communicative landscape shaped by the Internet and mobile technologies has had profound implications for communication research on climate change and environment. It has opened up new areas for studying …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 18: MeCCSA CCES Network update

Neil Gavin Liverpool University The MeCCSA CCES Network had a successful conference in Luton, at the University of Bedfordshire campus, with a lively debate around three papers. These straddled the issues of energy security coverage and its relationship with climate change; readers’ comments on tabloid climate stories, post-climategate; and the construction of climate change debate …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 16: MeCCSA CCES Network convenor’s report

Neil Gavin Liverpool University The Climate Change, Environment and Sustainability (CCES) network has organised a range of events since its launch. CCES launch symposium at UWE, Bristol There has been a well-attended launch symposium in December 2010 at UWE in Bristol (‘Mediating Climate Change in an Uncertain World). A wide range of delegates attended, including …Continue Reading

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