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Three-D Issue 19: Hunt-Black proposals not in best interests of journalism

This letter was originally published in the Financial Times, 1 November 2012. Several signatories are members of the MeCCSA Policy Network. URL: We are free speech advocates and senior educators of law and journalism students in British universities and we write to express our opposition to proposals for a new self-regulatory body for the …Continue Reading

Media policy post-Leveson: opportunities for reshaping media ownership and control at the national, regional and community level

Date: Friday 8 February 2013, Time: 10am – 5pm Venue: Bournemouth University, Executive Business Centre Keynote speakers: Professor James Curran, Goldsmith’s University. Professor Karin Wahl-Jorgensen, Cardiff University. Address by: Natalie Bennett, Leader of Green Party. Call for papers  We welcome papers focused on media ownership; media monopoly; media policy and legislation; the Leveson Inquiry, its …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 18: Policy Network Report

Máire Messenger Davies University of Ulster As reported in the last Three-D, media policy issues have been almost constantly in the headlines, and thus also of major concern to many academics; this is particularly due to the phone-hacking story and the Leveson inquiry, which have also raised issues about the teaching of ethics (or lack …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 18: Market fundamentalism and new communications regulation

Damian Tambini London School of Economics Media regulation is one of those things, like puddings, that the British think they do rather well. This helps explain the spasms of introspection that phone hacking and the failure of press self-regulation have triggered. Might we, after all, have been kidding ourselves? Is something broken in the institutional …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 18: This system needs fixing

Des Freedman Goldsmiths, University of London This is a boom time for Murdoch-watchers. On 16 February 2012, the normally sober sub-editors at the Financial Times pronounced the imminent demise of the world’s most notorious media mogul with the headline ‘Gotcha! The Sun Sinks Murdoch’ attached to a Philip Stephens article on the crisis inside News …Continue Reading

MeCCSA supports Media Reform initiative

At the recent AGM at the University of Bedfordshire, 12th January 2012, the following resolution was passed: This AGM supports the initiative of the Coordinating Committee for Media Reform in its submission to Leveson, and further public forums, as a proper and fruitful stimulus to well-informed debate.

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