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MeCCSA PGN Conference 2019

Bangor University
01/07/2019 - 02/07/2019

‘Delivery technologies become obsolete and get replaced; media, on the other hand, evolve.’ –Henry Jenkins (2006: 13)

The changes that have taken place within any aspect of media over the last several decades have been immense; some areas of the field are all but unrecognisable following such drastic adaptations and alterations. It is these adaptations, these changes, the evolution of media itself that is the theme of this conference. ‘Media evolution is a cultural process; it does not follow a grand plan either, but sometimes the direction and speed of the development can be – more or less – planned’ (Stöber, 2004: 485-486). However, ‘recent developments in literature as well as in literary theory… have posed new challenges to established theories and concepts’ (Reinerth and Thon, 2016: 11), and as such we must ourselves evolve both creatively, and academically. Elements of media evolutions are the focus of this conference but such a topic can be interpreted in a multitude of ways; fields of research such as narratology, practice-based research, creative practice, film studies, game studies, performance analysis, etc. are but a few of many examples.


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