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Three-D Issue 19: Practice Network Report

Joanna Callaghan University of Bedfordshire An exciting October with an event on Practice-based research and the REF2014 that I planned since taking up my role as Chair of the Practice Network.  I was able to secure Bruce Brown, Chair of Panel D along with panel members from 34 and 36.  The event sold out and …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 18: Practice at the MeCCSA 2012 conference

Mark Readman Bournemouth University The 2012 MeCCSA conference at the University of Bedfordshire was as eclectic as usual, with sessions ranging from pornography to public service broadcasting and from the Muppets to Murdoch. My experience this time, however, was different from previous occasions, given my decision to inveigle my way into the world of practice …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 18: The key

Story by: Jackey Reuben, Illustrations by: Chantal de Broglio This is a short satire by a MeCCSA member about marketing in a University. The Exit There is always darkness before the dawn – wherever we might be. Do we have to continually re-enact the trauma, and was it this that was echoed, along with clip-clop …Continue Reading

Three-D Issue 17: Practice Network event and policy review

Joanna Callaghan University of Bedfordshire In June the Practice Network supported the annual Journal of Media Practice symposium on the 24th June at the Watershed in Bristol, hosted by UWE Bristol. The one-day symposium explored how digital technologies have redefined creativity and media practice within the academy both in terms of teaching and research, with …Continue Reading

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