Annual General Meeting 2015

Northumbria University,  January 8th 2015


1. Apologies

2. Minutes of 2014 AGM

3. Matters arising

4. Chair’s Report

5. Treasurer’s Report

6. Reports from Sub-Committees

6.1  Association Activities Sub-Committee
6.2  Administration and Communication Sub-Committee
6.3  Academic Development Sub-Committee

7. Report on Networks

8. Report on election for Executive Committee

8.1.  EC for 2015
8.2.  To note retiring members

9. Resolutions

9.1 From EC
9.2 Other

10. A.O.B.

Supporting documents for the AGM are available via our Dropbox.

The AGM will be followed by:

  1. A presentation by Prof. N. Fenton and Giannina Warren on research commissioned by MeCCSA into student recruitment into and changing programmes within cultural, communication and media studies arising from changes in government policy and university management. Interim findings were reported in Three-D Issue 23.
  2. A discussion on the implications for our field of Open Access publishing, to be introduced by a brief talk by Prof. C. Rojeck, of City University. You can read additional context to this debate in our special edition of Three-D, Issue 19, about Open Access.

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