CFP for PGN Panels at MeCCSA 2014 Annual Conference

CFP for PGN Panels at MeCCSA 2014 Annual Conference

Dear Postgraduate Network,

The MeCCSA Annual Conference this year will take place on 8th – 10th January 2014 at Bournemouth University. The theme for the conference is ‘Media and the Margins’ and we are keen to have a Postgraduate Network presence.

We welcome contributions to the following panels:


As communities cross borders, taking modes of cultural production and consumption with them; industrial structures and strategies become evermore internationally oriented; and channels of influence, communication and collaboration have unprecedented potential to transcend national confines, this panel aims to develop comparisons and intersections between a wide variety of examples of ‘transnationality’. We welcome submissions under the broad umbrella of ‘transnational’ and cross-cultural aspects of media.

Specific focuses welcomed are:
• Media practices and/or communities of practice that transcend borders.
• Migrant, border-crossing and cosmopolitan networks that link between multiple countries.
• The media used by mobile skilled professionals.
• The combination of local and global communications/practices.
• Local practices that are going global through the web or other new media technologies.
• Dialogue between and across cultures on Web 2.0 platforms.
• The place of the nation and nationality in the context of transnational or globalised practices.


This panel aims to explore how marginalised voices, such as those that are inflected by gender, race and sexuality, are heard and represented in the media. Of particular interest is how different types of journalism and journalistic practices are created and utilised by marginalised voices, identities and cultures.

Specific focuses welcomed are:
• The impact of Web 2.0 platforms in facilitating minority voices.
• The historical development of alternative journalism.
• News media representations of marginalised voices.
• The dialogue between mainstream and alternative media.
• Participatory media practices used by subaltern groups.

Please send abstracts, no longer than 250 words, to Rachel Tavernor ( before Friday 6th September 2013.

We look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,
Charlotte, Emma, Sam, Saeed and Rachel

MeCCSA PGN Committee 2013/2014

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