COVID-19 and MeCCSA Annual Conferences in 2021 and 2022

Dear Colleagues, 

It is with great regret to announce that we will not be holding MECCSA 2021 in Aberdeen on the premises of Robert Gordon University in January 2021, as was planned. We have made this difficult decision because of the likely longer term uncertainties and impacts of Covid-19, and the social distancing measures that will probably stay with us in some form for some time to come. Given that our conferences typically attract 200-300 people from all over the UK and beyond, we feel that postponing the conference is the safe and sensible thing to do at this point. 

We will however organise online activities around the time of the conference in January, so there will be opportunities for our networks and members to come together in some way. There will be further announcements about these in due course.

We are also keen not to miss out on the wonders of Aberdeen, thus have decided to hold MeCCSA 2022 at Robert Gordon University in January 2022. This also means that our conference in Falmouth is postponed from January 2022 to January 2023.

We are all very disappointed about not physically meeting up with you in January (and miss out, among other things, on the all-important pub quiz), but hope you understand that the health and safety of our members and community is our highest priority. 

In the meantime, I encourage you to follow our MeCCSA discussion list where you find some exciting opportunities to engage with the work and activities of our networks and members.

Best wishes and Keep safe 

Agnes Gulyas

Chair of MECCSA Association Activities Committee

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