Letter from the Director of the BFI

Dear Members,
attached below the full text of the letter of the Director of the British Film Institute (BFI), Amanda Nevill , regarding the possible merger of the Institute with the UK FIlm Council (UKFC). The MeCCSA Executive Committee will be discussing the Association’s initial response on 18 September  2009, at its next meeting.

Amanda NevillColleagues,
I am writing to you because I want you to be among the first to know about a really important development.
This morning, the Film Minister, Siôn Simon, announced a proposal to look at a possible merger between the BFI and the UKFC. The desire to re-assess the relationship between the BFI and the UKFC has been discussed for some time – now we can really get on with it.
We believe the process for re-assessment is a great opportunity and can build upon the BFI’s successes of recent years. We have been firmly assured by the minister that the BFI’s cultural identity and mandate will be paramount in the process. Any options will also need to take into consideration the BFI’s charitable status and our remit as laid down in our Royal Charter. Our expectation is that this process can only strengthen us going forward.
The process will be led by DCMS with the BFI and UKFC as equal partners at the table. At present, the draft timetable anticipates that the structure to move us forward will be agreed within this financial year.
Here is the offical response from the BFI Board of Governors:
The Board of Governors of the British Film Institute welcomes the DCMS initiative to rationalise the funding and governance of the way we support film in Britain, as announced today after a long period of discussion.
The new Film Minister has assured BFI chairman, Greg Dyke, that both the identity and critical cultural mandate of the British Film Institute will be paramount in this process.
Since its formation in 1933, by Royal Charter for the last 26 years, and as a charitable organisation, the BFI has preserved and promoted the nation’s film culture and the current Board of Governors, as custodians of that heritage, welcomes this unique opportunity to embolden and strengthen the organisation.


Please do ring/contact me if you would like to talk to me further about any of this.
Best wishes,
Amanda Nevill
Director of the BFI
Tel.020 7957 8985

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