MeCCSA membership subs

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on all our lives and working practices and MeCCSA is no exception, with all Association activities such as Exec Committee meetings, supporting Network activities and publishing Three-D, now taking place online.  In recognising that the postponement of the annual conference to January 2022 means that one of the major membership benefits (reduced conference registration fees) is not possible for the upcoming year (Sept 2020-August 2021), we are reducing membership renewal fees by 50% for 2020-21: they will revert back to the normal rate for 2021-2022.  Although the MeCCSA annual conference will not be taking place in person in January 2021, we will nonetheless be running elections for the MeCCSA Executive Committee and undertaking the AGM online: in order to participate in either/both activities, individuals need to be current MeCCSA members or belong to HEIs which have a current institutional membership at the time of voting, hence the importance of maintaining membership.

Karen Ross (MeCCSA Treasurer)
on behalf of MeCCSA Executive Committee

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