MeCCSA statement on discrimination

MeCCSA does not tolerate any form of discrimination from speakers or participants in any forum including keynotes, panels and network meetings which take place at MeCCSA conferences and events.

We do not accept any kind of harassment – verbal, sexual or otherwise. This includes (but is not limited to) bullying, unwanted touching, personal comments on attendees’ appearance or identities/characteristics.

When making a presentation at a MeCCSA event presenters should make the content of their presentation clear upfront (e.g. in paper title, abstract, and/or at beginning of paper) taking care to be explicit if content such as sexual assault, torture, war, suicide or hate crime is included.

Whilst it is recognised that the nature of our field means that discriminatory, exclusionary or hateful language may be cited and critically discussed as part of the context of academic debate, if an individual at an event uses language or behaviour towards other attendees or groups that is discriminatory, exclusionary or aggressive that individual will be asked to leave immediately. One of the roles of conference panel or event Chair is to oversee proper conduct and considerate debate during panels and events and they will be fully supported by MeCCSA to take action in the case of a speaker or participant behaving in a discriminatory or deliberately disruptive manner.

Where someone believes they have been unfairly excluded on the grounds of their behaviour, they should contact the conference hosts and the MeCCSA Chair (or if this is a Network event, the Network Chair and the MeCCSA Chair). Security officers will be asked to escort excluded individuals away from any event if they do not leave voluntarily.

If an individual presenter prefers not have audience members tweeting or otherwise sharing their content via social media, or taking photographs, this preference must be signalled before the presentation begins and social media icons or Twitter handles should be excluded from presentation slides.

MeCCSA events have generally benefitted from a high level of collegiality which we appreciate and are committed to sustaining in future. Thank you for your cooperation and support.

If you have any questions about this policy, please email Professor Einar Thorsen, MeCCSA Chair (2021-).

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