Postgraduate Network Report, AGM2013


Loughborough University Conference, 17-18 September

  • About 50 papers presented by UK and international students.
  • Held workshops on academic publishing, pitching non-academic publications, activism and research, and meditation.

“Research Methods in Media Discourse”, De Montfort University, 17 November

Organised by the Media Discourse Group and supported by the MeCCSA Postgraduate Network, the event featured two keynote speakers (Dr Leah Bassel from University of Leicester, and Dr Kaitlynn Mendes from DMU) as well as 24 papers by postgraduate students and early career researchers. In addition, 11 delegates who were interested in the event attended the conference to listen. Speakers travelled from various British and international Universities.

Networking Knowledge Journal

  • (September) Special issue on “American Telefantasy”, guest edited by Sophie Halliday and Rhys Owain Thomas.
  • (December) Special issue on “The Biographical Narrative in Popular Culture, Media and Communication”, guest edited by Victoria Kearly.

New officers elected

New officers were elected at the annual conference at Loughborough University:

  • Chair – Ruth Sanz Sabido, De Montfort University
  • Secretary – Xuelian Jin, University of Sheffield
  • Communications Officer – Patrick Bingham, University of East Anglia
  • Training Officer – David Smith, Loughborough University
  • Outreach Officer – Adam Scales, University of East Anglia
  • Journal Editor – Matthew Freeman, University of Nottingham


The board said goodbye to Markee Rambo-Hood, Matthew Holtmeier, Victoria Kearly, Indrani Lahiri and Tom Phillips.

2013: Upcoming events

PGN Annual Conference 2013

  • This will be hosted by University of East Anglia on 2-3 July.

Training Events

  • We have sent out a call for organisers of a training event that we are sponsoring for postgraduate researchers. We are still receiving proposals.
  • Our previous training officer, Victoria Kearly, is looking into the possibility of organising a postgraduate conference which is supported by the MeCCSA PGN and BAFTSS. Details continue to unfold. 

Hosts for the PGN Annual Conference 2014

  • We have sent out a call for hosts. We are still receiving proposals.

Networking Knowledge Journal

We are currently working on three special editions of our journal. These will be published in 2013 and 2014.

  • ‘Othering Race and Ethnicity in Media and Popular Culture’, guest edited by Ruth Sanz Sabido.
  • ‘(Im)personal Desires: Pornography, Sexuality and Social Networks of Desire’, guest edited by Gareth Longstaff.
  • ‘Protest and the New Media Ecology’, guest edited by Keren Darmon.

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