Radio Studies Network report, AGM2013

The Radio Studies Network has reached the end of its third year as a MeCCSA Network.

Although it was not possible to organize network events in 2012, the Network will be relaunching its activities for 2013 and 2014 and propose such events for consideration to the MeCCSA Executive Committee within the first quarter of 2013 for its consideration.

Possible activities might include events on:

  • World Radio Day, 13 February
  • 30 years of AMARC (the World Association of Community Broadcasters) and the same anniversary of the CRA/CMA (Community Radio Association, since 1997 Community Media Association): an occasion to discuss British Community Radio in the global context
  • Student Radio (possible location, London/University of Westminster, or other locations still in consideration): in occasion of the release of a special issue on this subject edited by the Chair, which includes also contribution by another 2 SG members and that would focus on the role of student and university radio in the UK
  • A contribution to the Transnational Radio Conference, to be hosted at the University of Bedfordshire in July 2013 (to be defined)




The Network is coordinated by a Steering Group. The members in 2012 were

  • Chair, Salvatore Scifo, Maltepe University/University of Westminster
  • Janey Gordon, University of Bedfordshire
  • Stephen Lax, University of Leeds
  • Peter Lewis, London Metropolitan University
  • Katie Moylan, University of Leicester
  • Eryl Price-Davies, Imperial College London
  • Eleanor Shember-Critchley, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Guy Starkey, University of Sunderland
  • Jo Tyler, Bournemouth University
  • Deborah Wilson, University of Lincoln
  • Helen Wolfenden, University of Salford

Anne Dunn, University of Sydney, who joined the Network in January, sadly passed away in July 2012. In this context, we would like to remember her as an enthusiastic radio scholar and for having contributed to raise the profile of radio studies in Australia and abroad.


Salvatore Scifo
Chair, MeCCSA Radio Studies Network

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