Three-D Issue 17

Three-D, issue 17 (PDF, 1.5 Mb) – Latest

In this issue:
1 HE White Paper and Media Reform (Einar Thorsen)

2 KIS my Ass(essment): HE White paper (Natalie Fenton)
4 The new assault on media studies (Anonymous)
5 Inside out: turning consumers back into students (Milly Williamson)
6 Regulating the press: a role for media scholars (Stephen Coleman)
7 Hackgate and media reform
8 Teaching challenges and solutions (Debbie Flint)
9 Thinking with food: an ideas exchange (Julian Matthews)
10 Mediated politics: the ‘cultural turn’ in political communication research (Kay Richardson, Katy Parry)

Reports and initiatives
11 Chair’s report (Sue Thornham)
12 The HEA restructuring (John Mundy)
13 MeCCSA Annual Conference 2012 (Conference Organisers)
14 Policy Network (Máire Messenger Davies)
15 Radio Studies Network (Stephen Lax)
16 Practice Network (Joanna Callaghan)
18 Race Network (Sarita Malik)
19 Disability Studies Network (Alison Wilde)
20 Women’s Media Studies Network (Heather Nunn)
21 Postgraduate Network Annual Conference and 2011/2012 Committee (Shelley Thompson, Ruth Sanz Sabido)

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