Three-D Issue 19: MeCCSA CCES Network update

Neil Gavin
Liverpool University

The CCES had some notable successes over the course of the last year or so, and will strive to maintain the momentum.

There was the well-attended ‘Reaching the Public on Climate Change: Up-to-and-Beyond UN IPPC 2013-14’ symposium in Liverpool ( And at the beginning of year the MeCCSA conference saw CCES produce a panel with a varied range of papers.

Following on from this, CCES has plans for three further events over the next year. There will be a CCES dominated panel at Derry/Londonderry in January, with papers on the way China and Chinese involvement in Copenhagen 2009 was mediated in the British press, and on media representations of the environment and corporate social responsibility.

There is also to be an event in Leicester in April 2013 (‘Climate Change Communication and the Internet’, see box opposite). This will focus on role of the internet in engaging the public with climate change, and the challenges this presents to researchers.

In addition, the CCES is exploring the prospects of convening an event in Oxford in November 2013 which will have as its focus the mediation of the next UN International Panel on Climate Change report.

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