Three-D Issue 19

Three-D, issue 19 (PDF, 3.1Mb)

In this issue:
1  Publishing crossroads (Einar Thorsen)

MeCCSA Annual Conferences
2 MeCCSA 2013: Spaces and Places of Culture (Máire Messenger Davies)
5 MeCCSA 2014: Bournemouth University (Hugh Chignell)

Academic Publishing
6 Publishing problems (Larry Gross)
8 Free labour and academic publishing (Veronica Barassi)
9 Self-publishing for academics (Paul Bradshaw)
9 A new model for academic publishing? (Richard Keeble)
11 Journalism Education: a new journal (M. Temple, C. Frost, J. McKay, S. Allan)
12 Print is not an input (Janis Jefferies, Sarah Kember & Ben Pester)

Publishers’ Perspectives
13 Exploring the landscape of digital publishing (Katherine Burton)
15 The future of academic publishing (Mila Steele)
17 Palgrave Pivot (Felicity Plester)
18 Experiments in open content (Caroline Wintersgill)

Media Reform
19 Leveson’s Inquiry and the next Communications Act (Damian Tambini)

Perspectives from abroad
20 Change for change’s sake (Marcela Ganea & Constantin Coderie)

Events and Success in HE
22 Secret City (Lee Salter)
24 New directions in media research (Dimitrinka Atanasova & Jennifer Cole)
25 Caught in the frame (Julian Matthews)
26 AHRC Leadership Fellow (George McKay)

Reports and initiatives
27 Chair’s report (Sue Thornham)
28 Do your subs look big in this? (Karen Ross)
29 Climate Change, Environment & Sustainability Network (Neil Gavin, Nelya Koteyko)
30 Disability Studies Network (Irene Rose)
31 Policy Network (Hunt-Black Letter, Media policy post-Leveson)
32 Practice Network (John Adams, Joanna Callaghan)
33 Race Network (Sarita Malik)
34 Women’s Media Studies Network (Heather Nunn)
35 Postgraduate Network (Ruth Sanz Sabido)

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