Three-D Issue 20: Female Authorship Symposium

Sarah Neely, University of Stirling

GFF - Stuart Crawford
GFF – Stuart Crawford

The Female Authorship Symposium was held on Friday the 8th of February at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow.  The event was hosted by the Glasgow Short Film Festival and received support from the MeCCSA Women’s Media Studies Network, MeCCSA Practice Network, the Stirling Centre for Scottish Studies and the Scottish Media and Communications Association.  The event proved to be one of the most popular at the festival and tickets sold out very quickly. Over 50 people took part in the event, with many travelling from outside Glasgow (and Scotland).  Participants included a mix of students, academics, artists, filmmakers and critics.

GFF - Stuart Crawford
GFF – Stuart Crawford

The day opened with a keynote lecture from Professor Sue Thornham.  Professor Thornham then chaired the first panel looking at the role of feminism in terms of film education, curation and production.  Panelists included Professor Karen Boyle, Dr. Belen Vidal, Laura Hudson, Louise Crawford and Dr. Lucy Reynolds.  In the afternoon, Dr. Sarah Neely chaired a panel on women filmmakers in Scotland.  The panellists included Denise Mina (writer), Claire Mundell (producer), Andrea Gibb (screenwriter), Helen Fitzgerald (writer), and Eleanor Yule (screenwriter/director/PhD student).   The day concluded with a screening that revisited a number of filmmakers whose work was represented in the International Film Festival & Confrerence ‘Her Take’, held in Glasgow in 1990 as part of the Year of Culture.

Overall, the day stimulated a good deal of debate and discussion.  Although each session allocated a considerable amount of time for questions, there was a strong sense at the end of the day that the discussion was only really getting started and not just wrapping-up!

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Update: The author of this article was originally published incorrectly as John Adams. We have now updated it with the correct byline of Sarah Neely.


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