Three-D Issue 20

MeCCSA-ThreeD-20-ThumbnailThree-D, issue 20 (PDF, 9.54Mb)

In this issue:
Leveson aftermath & the Royal Charter (Einar Thorsen) 

MeCCSA Annual Conferences & Features
2 Great conference and lovely time in Derry and Conference report, Derry 2013 (Máire Messenger Davies)
5 MeCCSA 2014: Media and the Margins and Call for Papers (Dan Jackson & Einar Thorsen)

Royal Charter & Leveson
A Right Royal Row (Julian Petley)
The ‘public’ in the Public Inquiry (Judith Townend)
Reconnecting Science and Journalism Post-Leveson (Stuart Allan)
10 The other elephant in the room (Justin Schlosberg)
11 The Media Reform Coalition’s next steps (Deborah Grayson)
12 Challenging Big Media – The European Initiative for Media Plurality (EIMP) (Granville Williams)
13 The path to hell…. an investigative journalist’s view of Leveson (Paul Lashmar)
14 Oh what tangled webs they weave: a response to Paul Lashmar (Steven Barnett)
16 The Fleet Street dinosaurs (Tim Gopsill)
17 Vested interests can be challenged (David Lee)
18 Two ends of the story: lessons from the 1980s (Pat Holland)

Issues & Challenges
20 Mickey Mouse Squeaks Back: Defending Media Studies (James Curran)
23 “Sometimes it’s hard to be a wo-man” (Karen Ross)

Success & Innovation in HE
24 Media & Communications: ten years on (Charlie Beckett)
25 New guide for citing film and audio (BUFVC)

Reports and initiatives
27 Chair’s report (Sue Thornham)
28 REF update (Peter Golding)
29 Retired academics initiative (Sylvia Harvey)
30 Social Movements Network (Ruth Sanz Sabido & Stuart Price)
31 Policy Network (Máire Messenger Davies)
32 Practice Network (Sarah Neely)
33 Women’s Media Studies Network (Heather Nunn)
34 Postgraduate Network (Conference Committee)
35 Networking Knowledge (Matthew Freeman)

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