Three-D Issue 21: And now we’re working to contract

einar-profileEinar Thorsen
Bournemouth University

In this issue of Three-D Des Freedman and Justin Schlosberg offer an excellent critique of the government’s (attempted) consultation on plurality and media ownership. We also continue our coverage of open access publishing, with Ann Cummings providing a welcome perspective from library services and Anna Feigenbaum taking a look at personal academic websites. Steph Allen discusses her research into “grade grubbing” – the pressure lecturers increasingly find themselves under to inflate grades – whilst Jason Lee attacks the “delusions of progress” and corporate University culture.

Given these challenges and uncertain times for both HE and the media industry, it seems apt that this issue of Three-D is also devoted to exploring how radical film can, as Anthony Killick puts it, “disrupt the hegemonic project of neo-libralism”. Steve Presence provides a historic overview of “overtly political film culture in Britain” and reports on the establishment of a new Radical Film Network. Shaun Day and Lee Salter also continue this theme with a discussion about how video activism can be more closely connected with academia.

Challenges are coming from all angles and it is no surprise that we are again locked in dispute with university employers over pay. Vice Chancellors across the country have been rewarded with impressive salary rises (on average 28% since 2008), whilst we have been forced to take pay cuts to the tune of 13% since 2009. As one student asked me recently: “So we’re paying £9k a year and you get nothing?!” Well, as Robb Johnson so elequently put it: “they can shove it, they can stick it, and I’ll see you on the pickett”!

If you would like to write for or advertise in the next edition of Three-D, please get in touch with me on by the end of February 2014. Suggestions for our website are also welcome.


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