Three-D Issue 21: The Radio Research Conference, September 2013

Shember-CritchleyEleanor Shember-Critchley
Manchester Metropolitan University

Thanks to MeCCSA funding, members of the Network were pleased to hold a pre-conference panel at ECREA Radio Research 2013 that took place in London from 11-13 September.

The panel, put together by Salvatore Scifo, featured Janey Gordon from Radio LaB, University of Bedfordshire, Andrew David, Managing Editor at Siren FM, Lincoln University, Tiziana Vavallo, FuoriAulaNetwork, University of Verona and Peter Gordon, Programme Director of Eagle Radio/UKRD.

RSN Rob WatsonThe Panel explored the topic of community radio, education and innovative pedagogies via the diverse perspectives of the speakers. Janey focused on the notion of universities as centres for the dissemination of learning using broadcast technologies and part of this was a long collaborative history of universities hosting radio stations.  Andrew explored the relationship of the station, its university and their community, drawing attention to the innovative learning environment they have created at Siren, the transference of volunteers to future students and the independence the station seeks to maintain from its university host. Tiziana reflected on the difficulties of setting up sustainable and supported university stations in Italy but also the pockets of innovative projects that signal a still emerging, often cooperative modelled, sector. She cited the Radiorientale project, a university station working with 191 refugees on multi-lingual output and a tool for teaching Italian as a second language. Finally, Peter discussed the work he conducts as part of Eagle Radio and UKRD for the work they do to develop talent within the group and also the creative and resourceful training they carry out for partners within the Surrey area that enables a locally focused and sustainable commercial station.

The panel was well attended and provided an appropriate opener to many of the wider conference themes.

MeCCSA Radio Studies Network at the Radio Conference, a Transnational Forum, July 2013

MeCCSA funding also enabled members of the Network to hold a pre-conference seminar at The Radio Conference, a Transnational Forum, that took place in Luton from 9-12 July.

The seminar, put together by Salvatore Scifo, featured Dr. Peter Lewis, London Metropolitan University, Dr. Kate Lacey, Universirt of Sussex, Dr. Jason Loviglio, The University of Maryland, Dr. Zita Joyce, University of Canterbury, New Zealand and Mette Simonsen Abildgaard, University of Southern Denmark.

It was a lively session that took in Peter’s consideration of the importance of silence and implications of dead air on radio, Kate’s discussion of a new individualistic narrowcasting that is brought about by social media, Jason’s exploration of the eccentricities of NPR’s audience research in the context of a privatised sector, Zita’s research with the role and trials of local radio broadcasters following the Christchurch earthquake and Mette’s analysis of the changing characteristics of youth radio in Denmark.

The seminar was well received and provided a thoughtful and engaging start to the conference.

Radio Studies Network Meeting, September 2013

The steering group, along with interested conference attendees, met at the Radio Research conference to hold a network meeting. The agenda focused on the priorities for the next twelve months and future MeCCSA sponsored events.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the MeCCSA Radio Studies Network will be the AGM as part of the MeCCSA annual conference.


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