Three-D Issue 21

MeCCSA-ThreeD-20-ThumbnailThree-D, issue 21 (PDF, 3.1 Mb)

In this issue:
And now we’re working to contract (Einar Thorsen) 

MeCCSA Annual Conferences & Features
2 MeCCSA 2014: Media and the Margins (Dan Jackson)
3 Future Annual Conference Hosts

5 Tackling ownership at a snail’s pace (Des Freedman & Justin Schlosberg)
8 Green or gold? The implications for open access (Ann Cummings)
9 Personal academic websites in precarious times (Anna Feigenbaum)
11 Radical Film vs the Radical Right (Anthony Killick)
12 The Radical Film Network (Steve Presence)
13 Reel News (Shaun Day & Lee Salter)
15 Grade grubbing (Steph Allen)
15 New Directions in Media Research 2013 (Rahma al Foori)
17 Terminal Thinking (Jason Lee)

Reports and initiatives
21 Chair’s report (Sue Thornham)
22 How is it for you? The uncertain fate of media studies courses (Peter Golding)
23 Disability Studies Network (Irene Rose)
25 Climate Change Network (Neil Gavin)
26 Practice Network (Sarah Allen-Reading)
28 Radio Studies Network (Eleanor Shember-Critchley)
29 Social Movements Network (Ruth Sanz Sabido & Stuart Price)
30 Women’s Media Studies Network (Heather Nunn)
31 Postgraduate Network (Rachel Tavernor, Agnes Ziolkowski-Trzak & James Harvey-Davitt)

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