Three-D Issue 23: Chair’s report

TimTim O’Sullivan
De Montfort University

Welcome to the final issue of Three-D for 2014, a delightful pre-Christmas, pre-REF, pre-Conference issue, with articles and commentaries of interest to all working in the fields served by MeCCSA.

The forthcoming Conference at the University of Northumbria is scheduled for January 7th – 9th and the programme is available via the conference website: Our thanks to James Leggott and Rosie White, and the other members of the Conference organising committee for their work in putting together what promises to be an exciting, varied and productive event – it is not too late to register!

Future Conferences are scheduled to be hosted at Canterbury Christ Church University (2016) and Leeds University (2017). The Executive Committee has regularly debated the timing of the Annual Conference, recognising that the current early New Year schedule is not ideal for some, but represents the ‘least worst’ option for many. A full review of the options for re-scheduling the timing of our Annual Conference will take place in the near future. If you have suggestions, please let the Executive Committee know or participate in the Annual General Meeting at MeCCSA 2015.

Other areas discussed at recent Executive meetings include the running of MeCCSA networks, especially those which appear to lack momentum and a programme of activities. The relationships between MeCCSA and the British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies (BAFTSS) has recently undergone review and rapprochement – the respective Chairs met and resolved to develop a more collaborative and mutually productive relationship – for example concerning matters of common interest relating to GCSE and A level reform and their postgraduate networks and events. Closer communication between the two organisations will be effected in the future.

We continue to monitor the reform of post 16 qualifications in the UK of significance to the field. The Executive has also discussed in some detail the management of the Jisc-mail list, and agreed that the current policy and protocols are sufficient so no revisions required. Research funding for the field has also formed a key and recurrent item on recent Executive agendas.

On behalf of the Executive Committee, I’d like to wish all readers festive greetings, we hope you enjoy some rest and recuperation over the forthcoming break and we look forward to seeing you at the AGM in Newcastle. Please check that your institution subscribes to MeCCSA for the year ahead!


MeCCSA Executive Committee for 2014

Chair: Tim O’Sullivan, 2013-2014
Vice-Chair: Natalie Fenton, 2014-2015
Hon Sec: Peter Golding, 2013-2014
Treasurer: Karen Ross, 2014-2015

Helen Baehr 2014-2015
Anita Biressi, 2013-2014
Lee Cadieux, 2014-2015
Joanna Callaghan, 2013-2014
John Downey, 2014-2015
Janey Gordon, 2013-2014
Agnes Gulyas, 2014-2015
Mark Jancovich, 2013-2014
Stephen Lax, 2014-2015
Máire Messenger-Davies, 2013-2014
Heather Nunn, 2014-2015
Jeanette Steemers, 2013-2014
Sue Thornham, 2013-2014
Einar Thorsen, 2014-2015
Milly Williamson, 2013-2014

Association Activities:

Anita Biressi (Convenor); Janey Gordon; Agnes Gulyas; Mark Jancovich; Karen Ross; Einar Thorsen, and Milly Williamson.

Administration and Communications:

Einar Thorsen (Convenor); Natalie Fenton; Stephen Lax; Jeanette Steemers; Milly Williamson.

Academic Development:

Peter Golding (Convenor); John Downey; Natalie Fenton; Máire Messenger Davies; Sue Thornham.

MeCCSA Executive’s Network Liaison: Anita Biressi
Online Communications and Newsletter Editor: Einar Thorsen

Climate Change Network Chairperson: Neil Gavin
Disability Studies Network Liaison: Alison Wilde
Policy Network Coordinator: Máire Messenger-Davies
Postgraduate Network Chairperson: Rachel Tavernor
Practice Network Chairperson: Joanna Callaghan
Race Network Chairperson: Currently inactive
Radio Studies Network Chairperson: Eleanor Shember-Critchley
Social Movements Network Chairperson: Ruth Sanz Sabido
Women’s Media Studies Network Chairperson: Milly Williamson

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