Three-D Issue 23

Three-D Issue 23Three-D, issue 23 (PDF, 1.6 Mb)

In this issue:
1 Doing more with less (Einar Thorsen)

HE Policies and MeCCSA Members
2 The Cinderella in the system (Giannina Warren & Natalie Fenton)
4 Neo-liberalism and the end of education (Mike Wayne)

Women in Media
6 The campaign to increase the number of women experts on TV and radio news (Lis howell)
6 Does my impact look big in this? (Karen Ross)
7 Genuinely being listened to (Suzanne Franks)

MeCCSA Annual Conferences
8 MeCCSA 2015 at Northumbria University (James Leggott, Karen Ross, Rosie White)

Reports and initiatives
9 Chair’s report (Tim O’Sullivan)
10 Policy Network report (Máire Messenger Davies)
11 The future of local news (Alec Charles)
12 Social Movements Network: Sites of Protest (Stuart Price, Ruth Sanz Sabido)
13 Women’s Media Studies Network report (Milly Williamson)
31 MeCCSA Postgraduate Network report (Yupei Zhao)
32 New Directions in Media Research 2014 (Yupei Zhao, Rahma Al Foori)


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