Three-D Issue 26: Practice Network

joannaJoanna Callaghan
University of Sussex

The network has supported two events this year, with a further two in planning.

In June we held the annual Journal of Media Practice and MeCCSA Practice network symposium at Southbank University on the theme of Post-Screen Practices. It was a well-attended symposium and in the next edition of Three-D we will have a report from the event’s organisers.

Also in June we held another symposium at Edinburgh Napier University on Practice Research Methodologies. A report from Rachel Dungar is opposite.

Future events include the Storymaking Symposium on Friday 11th November at The Liverpool Screen School, Liverpool John Moores University. (The CFP is on our Facebook site: MeCCSA Practice). Another event will be ‘Bidding for practice-based research – A workshop’ at the University of West of England to be held in October.

If you are interested in hosting an event please get in touch and join us on Facebook for regular updates.

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