Three-D Issue 26

MeCCSA-ThreeD-26-Thumb-ShadThree-D, issue 26 (PDF, 4 Mb)

In this issue:
Future of HE and academic freedoms (Einar Thorsen)

Future of Higher Education
2 More audit and less academic freedom? (David Hesmondhalgh)
4 From Green to Gold: reclaiming our universities (Natalie Fenton)
6 Threat from unrestrained competition (Janet Jones)
6 The Story of the TEF (Abigail Gardner)
7 In defence of Media Studies (Lucy Bennett & Jenny Kidd)
8 Dealing with the gendered pay gap (Rachel Cohen & Jo Littler)

Prevent & surveillance
9 Prevent, civil liberty and the assault on learning (Milly Williamson)
10 The case for evidence-based worrying (Barry Richards)
11 Surveillance and the Investigatory Powers Bill (Arne Hintz)
12 Fight the rise of the right (Bethany Usher)

EU Referendum
13 Brexit and the academy (Daniel Jackson)

Media Reform
15 Chilcot Report, whatever! (Gholam Khiabany)
17 A Future for Public Service TV? (Des Freedman)
18 Diversity, minorities, pluralism and the future of PSB (Anamik Saha)

MeCCSA Annual Conferences
20 MeCCSA 2016: ‘Communities’ (Àgnes Gulyàs)
23 MeCCSA 2017: University of Leeds (Anna Zoellner)

Reports and initiatives
25 Chair’s report (Natalie Fenton)
26 Turkish academics and media studies (Three-D note; MeCCSA letter)
27 Funding MeCCSA subjects (John Downey)
28 Response submitted by MeCCSA to the Stern Review of the Research Excellence Framework (REF)
31 Response submitted by MeCCSA to the Better use of data in government public consultation
33 Race, Ethnicity and Postcolonialism Network (Rinella Cere)
34 Practice Network (Rachel Younger; Joanna Callaghan)
35 Postgraduate Network (Simon Dawes)

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