Three-D Issue 29

Three-D, issue 29 (PDF, 3.9 Mb)

In this issue:
1 Speaking out (Einar Thorsen)

Sexual harassment
2 Weinstein in the news (Anita Biressi)
3 The need for structural and cultural change in media industries (Heather Savigny)
4 Call it by its name (Karen Ross)
4 A curse on all his ‘Houses of Cards’ (Richard Scullion)

Media policy
5 MRC and Avaaz keeps challenging Murdochs over Fox/Sky merger (Glenda Cooper)
6 Radical Government shift to a full investigation of the Fox-Sky merger bid (Melanie Dupéré)
7 European silence on the US decision to end net neutrality (Bart Cammaerts)
7 The influence of Internet Indicators (Robin Mansell)

HE policy
9 Reflections on our future with the TEF (Alan F Meades)

Reports from the field
12 Brand ventriloquism: when media go native (Jonathan Hardy & Tim Gopsill)

MeCCSA Annual Conferences
14 MeCCSA 2018: London South Bank University
15 MeCCSA 2019: University of Stirling

Reports and Initiatives
16 Chair’s report (Natalie Fenton)
17 First signs of how REF will work
18 MeCCSA statements and letters (BAFTSS and MeCCSA joint statement, AHRC Creative Industries Clusters programme)
19 Climate Change, Environment and Sustainability
20 Race, Ethnicity and Postcolonialism
21 Practice Network
22 Radio Studies Network
24 Social Movements Network
25 Women’s Media Studies Network
26 Postgraduate Network (report, annual conference CFP)

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