Three-D Issue 31

Three-D, issue 31 (PDF, 1.9 Mb)

In this issue:
1 Quality journalism, internet and politics (Einar Thorsen)

Cairncross Review & Media Policy
2 Government reviews and inquiries: why we should use our academic voice (Julie Firmstone)
4 What should the Cairncross Review propose we do about local news? (Martin Moore)
5 ‘High Quality Journalism’ or Tendentious Trash? (Julian Petley)
7 What should the Cairncross Review do? (Natalie Fenton)

Media Policy
9 The Online Advertising Tax (Christian Fuchs)

Internet & Politics
11 Facebook, Nick Clegg & the Future of Democracy (Declan Mcdowell Naylor)
12 Organised and ‘Ambient’ Racism and Racial Toxicity in Digital Platforms (Eugenia Siapera)
13 The dynamics of a counter-narrative against right-wing populism (Elizabeth Poole)
14 Iceland’s Orangutan (Eva Giraud)
15 Data protection as the means to children’s rights online (Sonia Livingstone)

MeCCSA Annual Conferences
16 MeCCSA 2018: London South Bank University (Phil Hammond)
17 MeCCSA 2019: University of Stirling (Alenka Jelen-Sanchez)
18 MeCCSA 2020: University of Brighton (Ewan Kirkland & Julie Doyle)

Reports and Initiatives
19 Chair’s report (Anita Biressi)
23 Climate Change Network (Julie Doyle & Michael Goodman)
24 Policy Network (Allan Leonard )
26 Practice Network (Charlie Tweed)
27 Radio Studies Network (Josephine Coleman)
28 Social Movements Network (Rosalind Brunt)
29 Postgraduate Network Report (Tianyang Zhou) and 2019 Call for Papers

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