Three-D Issue 32: MeCCSA Social Movements and Media Discourse Centre Symposium

De Montfort University

Wednesday, 9th October 2019

Keynote Speaker: 
Dr Sally Ruane, Reader in Social Policy, and Director of the Health Policy Research Unit

Registration: 12noon – ends 3/3.30pm

The Media Discourse Centre at De Montfort University (, and the MeCCSA Social Movements Network, will host the 5th Annual Shared Solidarities symposium (a free event with tea and coffee provided). 

Mental Health in an Age of Austerity

In recent years, the issue of Mental Health has attained considerable media exposure, at a time when the resources devoted to this realm are either restricted or devolved to the private sector (Campbell, the Guardian, 2019). On the one hand, therefore, public awareness of mental health is high, while on the other there is a major crisis in support. Meanwhile, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development report (2018), shows that mental illness affects an estimated 84 million people across Europe. This symposium addresses the nature and extent of the crisis, together with the efficacy of state, corporate, and community response.

Invited panel members include:

  • Sally Ruane 
    Reader in Social Policy, and Director of Health Policy Research Unit, De Montfort University (invited keynote on overall NHS context) confirmed
  • Andy Brown
    Mental Health Inclusion Officer, De Montfort University confirmed
  • Catherine Crook
    Programme Officer (Mental Health and Wellbeing), Leicester City Council confirmed
  • Tania Shah
    Leicester Mental Health Partnership Board and Former Community Advocate and Peer Advocate at Lamp Mental Health

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