Three-D Issue 33

Three-D, issue 33 (PDF, 4.6 Mb)

In this issue:
1 2019 Election Special: policy, media & campaign (Einar Thorsen)

Election 2019: manifestoes
2 It Says Here (Julian McDougall)
4 Manifesto pledges on media reform: what’s in and what’s not (Natalie Fenton)

Election 2019: campaign
7 Weren’t the mainstream media supposed not to matter? (David Deacon, Jackie Goode & David Smith)
9 Is impartiality meaningless? (Gurvinder Aujla-Sidhu)
9 Time to rethink campaign coverage (Stephen Cushion)
10 Election 2019: a party political broadcast for the Tories? (Des Freedman)
11 Movement-led policy action in the media: GE2019 the #ElectionRebellion (Abigail Rhodes)

Higher Education
12 Casualisation in HE (Vincent Møystad & Tom Greenwood)

Media reform
13 British film & television’s diversity problem (Shelley Cobb)
13 Launch of BritBox in the UK (Phil Ramsey)

MeCCSA Annual Conferences
14 MeCCSA 2020: University of Brighton (Ewan Kirkland & Julie Doyle)

Reports and Initiatives
15 Chair’s report (Anita Biressi)
18 Local and Community Media Network (Rachel Matthews)
19 Practice Network (Maurizio Cinquegrani & Richard Misek)
20 Climate Change Network (Julie Doyle & Michael Goodman)
20 Social Movements Network (Stuart Price)
21 Women’s Network (Beth Johnson)
22 Postgraduate Network (Emma Kaylee Graves)

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