Three-D Issue 34

Three-D, issue 34 (PDF, 2.9 Mb)

In this issue:
1 Redefining the ‘new normal’ before it sets (Einar Thorsen)

Black Lives Matter
2 Race, racism and resistance (Deborah Gabriel)
4 Decolonising the curriculum is not enough (Lindiwe Dovey)

Covid-19: higher education
5 Digital learning and teaching: reflections on identity and efficacy (Doug Specht)
6 Public Health Emergencies (Melanie Brown)
7 Returning to the ‘new normal’ (Judith Aston & Stefano Odorico)
9 The Home Front: student multimedia journalism in lockdown (Barbara Henderson)

Covid-19: media and journalism
10 Can local news survive the crisis? (Rachel Matthews, David Baines & Agnes Gulyas)
12 How community radio in the UK rose to the challenge of COVID-19 (Josephine Coleman)
14 Sanitary crisis as a test for media freedom (Mélanie Dupéré)
15 Imagining a new future: 2020 and women working in the screen sector (Leung Wing-Fai)

Media reform
17 Changes (Julian Petley)

Higher education
19 Statement on sexualised abuses of power (call for signatures)

MeCCSA Annual Conferences
20 MeCCSA 2020: University of Brighton (Ewan Kirkland & Julie Doyle)
21 MeCCSA Conference postponed (Sarah Pedersen)

Reports and Initiatives
22 Chair’s report (Anita Biressi)
26 Policy Network (Phil Ramsey)
27 Local and Community Media Network (Rachel Matthews)
28 Radio Studies Network (Janieann McCracken)
28 Postgraduate Network (Emma Kaylee Graves & Bissie Anderson)

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