Three-D Issue 35

Three-D, issue 35 (PDF, 1.3 Mb) – Latest

In this issue:
1 ‘Slashing taxpayer subsidy’ (Einar Thorsen)

Review of Higher Education
Augar and after (John Downey)
The banker and the basket weaver (Janet Jones)
No more medals: the latest on the TEF (Abigail Gardner)
Free speech on campus (Alison Scott-Baumann & Simon Perfect)

A wake-up call, but who’s listening? (Simon Cottle)
Libertarians under lockdown (Julian Petley)

Black Lives Matter
Listening to legacies of coloniality (Kulraj Phullar)

Media Reform
11 Musical chairs: the phoney war over BBC governance (Tom Chivers)
12 “Distinctly Different”: GB News (Steven Barnett & Julian Petley)
14 It’s only a “conflict” between Facebook and regulators if it’s about the data (Declan McDowell-Naylor)
15 BBC and Beyond: Reimagining Public Media (Deborah Grayson)

16 Jay G. Blumler (1924-2021) (Stephen Coleman)

Reports and Initiatives
17 Chair’s report (Einar Thorsen)
18 MeCCSA responses (MeCCSA response to OfS Consultation on regulating quality and standards in higher education and MeCCSA response to Review of the UK Social Science PhD)
21 Race, Ethnicity and Postcolonial Network (Mita Lad)
21 Policy Network (Paul Reilly & Phil Ramsey)
22 Local and Community Media Network (Rachel Matthews)
23 Radio Studies Network (Emma Heywood)
23 Social Movements Network (Ruth Sanz Sabido)
24 Postgraduate Network (Sharon Zheng)

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