Data: ARHC/ESRC funding for MeCCSA subjects

This is the raw data to complement John Downey’s article Still a struggle for recognition: funding for communication, cultural and media research in the UK in Three-D Issue 26.

Funding body
Start date
End date
our field?
ESRCJul-10Aug-11Media System, Political Context and Informed Citizenship: A comparative study£78,968James CurranMedia and CommunicationsGoldsmithsYProject
ESRCJan-10Jan-12Widening Particpation in Journalism: towards solutions£18,031Deborah Ann ChambersEducation Communication & Language SciUniversity of NewcastleNSeminar
ESRCOct-10Sep-11The Postcolonial Cultural Economy: The Politics of British Asian Cultural Production£74,161Anamik SahaInstitute of Communication StudiesUniversity of LeedsYFellowship
ESRCJan-10Sep-11Nostalgia in the Twenty-First Century£17,293Sarah M EdwardsEnglishUniversity of StrathclydeNSeminar
ESRCSep-10Sep-12Celebrity and Development£202,691Daniel BrockingtonEnvironment, Education and DevelopmentUniversity of ManchesterNFellowship
ESRCSep-10May-11Comparative study of copyright levies to reward creative assets in EU£43,233Martin KretschmerBusiness SchoolBournemouth UniversityNFellowship
ESRCDec-10May-13Bilateral Netherlands: Selling genetic tests online£63,625Susan Elizabeth KellySociology and PhilosophyUniversity of ExeterNProject
ESRCApr-10Sep-10Measuring Cultural Value£36,530David O'BrienCarnegie FacultyLeed Metropolitan UniversityNFellowship
ESRCFeb-10Jan-13The Internet, Electoral Politics and Citizen Participation in Global Perspective£431,886Rachel Kay GibsonSocial SciencesUniversity of ManchesterNFellowship
ESRCOct-11Dec-12Alternative frames of mass media: the politics of representation and Brazil's landless movement£69,271Alex FlynnSocial AnthropologyUniversity of CambridgeNFellowship
ESRCOct-11Mar-12Measuring Cultural Value (phase 2)£49,914Claire DonovanHealth Economics Research GroupBrunel UniversityNFellowship
ESRCFeb-12Jan-13Developing Media Literacy: From Research to Practice£99,363David BuckinghamSocial SciencesLoughborough UniversityYProject
ESRCSep-12Aug-14Sharing Voices: Youth and Community Media as Civic Engagement£83,972Alicia Blum-RossMedia and CommunicationsLondon School of Economics and Pol SciYFellowship
ESRCJul-12Jul-15Multi-platform media and the digital challenge: strategy, distribution and policy£359,892Gillian DoyleSchool of Culture and Creative ArtsUniversity of GlasgowYProject
ESRCDec-12Sep-14Advancing Understanding in News Information, Political Knowledge and Media Systems Research£170,559Susan BanducciPoliticsUniversity of ExeterNProject
ESRCOct-12Oct-14Broadcast Media, ICT-generated public opinion and political accountability in Africa£246,457Sharath SrinivasanPolitics and International StudiesUniversity of CambridgeNProject
ESRCDec-12Jan-15Corporate Financial Information Environment£281,675Martin WalkerManchester Business SchoolUniversity of ManchesterNProject
ESRCMay-12May-15Religion, discourse and diversity: UK/Canada collaboration£22,088Kim KnottPolitics, Philosophy and ReligionLancaster UniversityNProject
ESRCOct-12Jan-16Visualising Climate Change£172,040Saffron O'NeillGeographyUniversity of ExeterNProject
ESRCOct-12Oct-14Revisiting Moral Panics: A critical examination of 21st Century Social Issues and Anxieties£18,077Vivienne CreeSocial and Political ScienceUniversity of EdinburghNSeminar
ESRCNov-12Oct-13Creating space and place for Roma, Gypsies and Travellers: resolving conflict£14,753Joanna RichardsonPolitics and Public PolicyDe Montfort UniversityNSeminar
ESRCOct-12Mar-16ICTs and the changing health knowledge economy: how people find health information in Bangladesh£395,954Gerald BloomInstitute of Development StudiesResearch DepartmentNProject
ESRCOct-12Jun-16Mapping the cultural authority of science across Europe and India£108,988Martin BauerSocial PsychologyLondon School of Economics and Pol SciNProject
ESRCOct-12Oct-13The Networked News Lab£45,389Robin MansellMedia and CommunicationsLondon School of Economics and Pol SciYProject
ESRCOct-13Nov-15Defence, Uncertainty, Now Media: Mapping Social Media in Strategic Communications£242,159Sarah MaltbyMedia, Film and MusicUniversity of SussexYProject
ESRCMar-13Aug-15The current and future use of social media technologies on military personnel and their families£237,557David DenneyCriminology and SociologyRoyal Holloway, University of LondonNProject
ESRCMar-13Aug-14Hate' Speech and Social Media: Understanding users, networks and information flows£100,213William HousleySocial SciencesCardiff UniversityNProject
ESRCFeb-13Jan-15Identifying and challenging the negative media representation of children and young people in Northern Ireland£90,138Phil ScratonSchool of LawQueen's University BelfastNProject
ESRCApr-13Mar-14Campaign Mobilization in the Social Media Era£22,726Rachel Kay GibsonSocial SciencesUniversity of ManchesterNProject
ESRCSep-13Aug-14The Value of Public Doman Works£39,720Martin KretschmerSchool of LawUniversity of GlasgowNProject
ESRCJan-13Jan-16Understanding and explaining terrorism: expertise in practice£401,523David MillerSocial and Policy SciencesUniversity of BathNFellowship
ESRCDec-13Jul-15Urgent Invite: 'Go Home': Mapping the unfolding controversy of Home Office Immigration campaigns£159,130Hannah JonesSociologyUniversity of WarwickNProject
ESRCApr-13Mar-16The politics of monitoring: information, indicators and targets in climate change, defence and immigration policy£323,367Christina BoswellSocial and Political ScienceUniversity of EdinburghNProject
ESRCJan-13Dec-14Visual Criminology: Crime, Criminal Justice, and the Image£18,081Ronnie LippensSocial SciencesKeele UniversityNSeminar
ESRCApr-13Apr-14Google: the role of Internet search in elections in established and challenged democracies£93,253Andrew HoskinsAdam Smith Research FoundationUniversity of GlasgowNProject
ESRCFeb-14Feb-16Social Media: Developing understanding, infrastructure and engagement£541,922Peter EdwardsComputing ScienceUniversity of AberdeenNProject
ESRCFeb-14Feb-16CaSMa: Citizen-centric approaches to Social Media Analysis£404,439Derek McAuleyHorizon Digital Economy ResearchUniversity of NottinghamNProject
ESRCFeb-14Aug-15After Woolwich: Social reactions on social media£146,100Martin InnesSocial SciencesCardiff UniversityNProject
ESRCOct-14Oct-17Challenging gendered media mis(s)representations of women professionals and leaders£29,958Carole ElliotBusiness SchoolDurham UniversityNProject
ESRCSep-14Feb-16Picturing the Social: transforming our understanding of images in social medi and Big Data research£206,880Farida VisInformation SchoolUniversity of SheffieldNProject
ESRCOct-14Mar-16Digital Citizenship and Surveillance Society: UK State-Media-Citizen relations after the Snowden leaks£185,899Arne HintzJOMECCardiff UniversityYProject
ESRCNov-14May-16Digital Wildfire: (Mis)information flows, propagation and responsible governance£196,333Marina JirotkaComputer ScienceUniversity of OxfordNProject
ESRCAug-14Aug-17CuRAtOR: Challenging online feaR And OtheRing£773,384Shaun LawsonComputer ScienceUniversity of LincolnNProject
ESRCSep-14Sep-16Public perceptions of the UK food system: public understanding and engagement, and the impact of crises and scares£247,872Caireen RobertsResearch DepartmentNational Centre for Social ResearchNProject
ESRCDec-14Nov-16DATA-PSST! Debating and Assessing Transparency Arrangements - privacy, security, surveillance, trust£30,365Vian BakirCreative Studies and MediaBangor UniversityYProject
ESRCMar-14Sep-15Humanitarian Technologies. An assessment of communication environments in disaster recovery and humanitarian intervention£157,323Mirca MadianouMedia and CommunicationsGoldsmithsYProject
ESRCSep-14Jul-15Chronic illness and online social networking: expectations, assumptions, and everyday realities£93,809Nelya KoteykoLanguages Linguistics and FilmQueen Mary, University of LondonYProject
ESRCJun-14Dec-16A shared space and a space for sharing: a transdisciplinary exploration of online trust and empathy£914,537Peter BathInformation SchoolUniversity of SheffieldNProject
ESRCJan-15Jan-17Media Technologies and Social Movements: Present challenges and future developments£29,923Veronica BarassiMedia and CommunicationsGoldsmithsYSeminar
ESRCMay-15Nov-16Media in context and the 2015 General Election: How traditional and social media shape elections and governing£241,890Daniel StevensPoliticsUniversity of ExeterNProject
ESRCJul-15Jun-18SMS Africa: Social Media and Security in Africa£409,561Thomas MolonySocial and Political ScienceUniversity of EdinburghNProject
ESRCJan-15Dec-15Big data media analysis and the representation of urban violence in Brazil£24,351Elena SeminoLinguistics and English LanguageLancaster UniversityNProject
ESRCJan-15Jun-15Exploring Play and Creativity in Pre-Schoolers' is of Apps£55,857Jacqueline MarshEducationUniversity of SheffieldNProject
ESRCJan-15Oct-16Television framing od the 2014 Scottish Independence referendum£106,796Marina DekavallaCommunications, Media and CultureUniversity of StirlingYProject
ESRCJan-10Dec-10Health communication and the Internet: An analysis of adolescent languague use on the Teenage Health Freak website£75,838Svenja AdolphsSchool of EnglishUniversity of NottinghamNProject
ESRCApr-11Sep-14The Internet, Political Science and Public Policy: re-examining collective action, governance and citizen-government interactions in the digital era£429,336Helen MargettsOxford Internet InstituteUniversity of OxfordNProject
ESRCApr-12May-13Cruising through uncertainty: mobile phones and mobility in Mozambique£83,303Julie ArchambaultArea StudiesUniversity of OxfordNProject
ESRCJun-13Dec-14The geography of digital inequality£159,105Grant BlankOxford Internet InstituteUniversity of OxfordNProject
ESRCNov-14May-16Understanding and optimising health-related press releases as complex public health interventions£197,731Petroc SumnerPsychologyCardiff UniversityNProject
ESRCOct-15Sep-20Human Rights and Information Technology in the Era of Big Data£4,743,730Maurice SunkinHuman Rights CentreUniversity of EssexNProject
ESRCJan-10Aug-10Cultures of car audio and influence of the automobile on popular music in the Twentieth Century£39,289Justin WilliamsSociologyLancaster UniversityNProject
ESRCOct-10Sep-11How's my feedback? A collaborative project to evaluate and rethink Internet-based rating and ranking schemes£7,162S WoolgerSaid Business SchoolUniversity of OxfordNProject
ESRCOct-13Sep-15Young, female and entrepreneurial? Exploring the working lives of young women in the classical music profession£102,300Christina ScharffCulture, Media and Creative IndustriesKings College LondonYProject
ESRCJun-14Sep-15Tagging online music contents for emotion. A systematic approach based on contemporary emotion research£91,294Tuomas EerolaMusicDurham UniversityNProject
ESRCNov-14Sep-15Historicizing 'historical child sex abuse' cases: social, political and criminal justice contexts£106,344Louise JacksonHistory, Classics and ArchaeologyUniversity of EdinburghNProject
ESRCOct-14Sep-17From Pakistan with Love: Islam, Intimacy and Transnational Marriages£143,582Ammara MaqsoodSocial and Cultural AnthropologyUniversity of OxfordNProject
ESRCJan-13Dec-15The ends of modernism: understanding the political uses of modernist art among Muslim intellectuals in Bangladesh since 1952£174,225Lotte HoekSocial and Political ScienceUniversity of EdinburghNProject
ESRCOct-11Sep-14Charitable consumption: innovation in compassion in Britain, 1870-1912£284,073Julie-Marie StrangeArts, Languages and CulturesUniversity of ManchesterNProject
ESRCJun-15May-18Words and pictures: understanding how people gather information conveyed jointly through text and image in comics£286,503Benjamin TatlerPsychologyUniversity of AberdeenNProject
ESRCJun-11Nov-12Communicating copyright: an exploration of copyright discourses in the digital age£122,703Bethany KleinInstitute of Communication StudiesUniversity of LeedsYProject
ESRCSep-14Sep-17Loneliness in the digital age (LIDA): Developing strategies for empathy and trust£994,961Michael WilsonEnglish and DramaLoughborough UniversityNProject
ESRCJun-10Sep-10The siege of Beirut (1982) and the ethics of representation in literature, art and journalism£4,806Caroline RooneySchool of EnglishUniversity of KentNProject
ESRCOct-10Mar-13The Internet and Everyday Rights in Russia£80,823Sarah OatesSocial and Political ScienceUniversity of GlasgowNProject
ESRCJun-10Jun-11What we cannot ask: how information poverty manifests on the Internet£71,670Ian RuthvenComputer and Information SciencesUniversity of StrathclydeNProject
ESRCJul-10Oct-11Distant Lives, Still Voices: Representations of the global poor by UK-based international development NGOs£73,044Nandita DograCultural StudiesGoldsmithsYProject
ESRCFeb-10Feb-12Pornification? Complicating the debates about 'sexualisation of culture'£18,336Rosalind GillHealth and Life SciencesKings College LondonNSeminar
AHRCJan-10Feb-12Pervasive Media Fellowship£208,742Jon DoveyCreative ArtsUniversity of the West of EnglandYFellowship
AHRCFeb-10May-10Media ownership, journalism and securing diversity£31,518Steven BarnettMedia Arts and DesignUniversity of WestminsterYProject
AHRCAug-10Aug-14Children and amateur media in Scotland£584,152Karen LuryCulture and Creative ArtsUniversity of GlasgowYProject
AHRCMar-10Sep-12Onscenity: Sex, commerce, media and technology in contemporary society£34,502Feona AttwoodArts Computing Eng and SciSheffield Hallam UniversityYProject
AHRCFeb-10Jan-12British quality, American chaos? Trans-national discourses and interactions in the history of British and North American broadcasting, c.1922-1962£33,988James MedhurstTheatre Film and Television StudiesAberystwyth UniversityYProject
AHRCSep-10Apr-11Multiplatform Public Servicd Broadcasting: The specialist factual independent production ecology in the UK's digital television landscape£181,559James BennettApplied Social ScienceLondon Metropolitan UniversityNProject
AHRCSep-10Feb-14Mediating Post-Socialist Difference: an analysis of Russian television representations of inter-ethnic cohesion issues£426,395Stephen HutchingsArts, Languages and CulturesUniversity of ManchesterNProject
AHRCJan-10Jan-11Atomic Bombay: Public representations and perceptions of nulcear issues in India/Atomic comics£30,296Raminder KahlonGlobal StudiesUniversity of SussexNProject
AHRCOct-10Jun-11The diasporic family in cinema£90,113Daniela BerghahnMedia ArtsRoyal Holloway, University of LondonYFellowship
AHRCAug-10Jul-12Eurovision Song Contest and the 'New' Europe£36,455Milija GluhovicTheatre, Perform and Cult Poli StudUniversity of WarwickNProject
AHRCJan-10Apr-10Working class masculinities in the Interwar years: youth, leisure and identity£31,787Melanie TebbuttPolitics, Philosophy and HistoryManchester Metropolitan UniversityNProject
AHRCApr-10May-14Channel 4 Television and British Film Culture: an assessment of the broadcaster's film policy and programming, and its impact on British film culture£492,306Justin SmithCreative Arts Film and MediaUniversity of PortsmouthYProject
AHRCSep-10Jun-14A history of television for women in Britail, 1947-1989£348,177Rachel MoseleyFilm and Television StudiesUniversity of WarwickYProject
AHRCNov-10Jul-11Radio Drama: Historical and Theoretical Perspectives£34,875Richard HandCreative and Cultural IndustriesUniversity of GlamorganYFellowship
AHRCJan-10Dec-11The films of the Amber Collective (1968 to the present): A critical history£63,742James LeggottArts, Design and Social SciencesNorthumbria UniversityYProject
AHRCJan-10Mar-12Michael Klinger, the role of the producer and the British film industry in the 1960s and 1970s£158,099Andrew SpicerCreative ArtsUniversity of the West of EnglandYProject
AHRCSep-10Apr-11Rock stardom in late Soviet Culture: performing identities under Socialism£35,316Polly McMichaelRussian and Slavonic StudiesUniversity of NottinghamNProject
AHRCFeb-10Apr-11Islamism in Arab Fiction and Film, 1947 to the present£78,511Lindsey MooreEnglish and Creative WritingLancaster UniversityNProject
AHRCSep-10Jan-11Philippe Henriot and the Last Act of Vichy: Radio broadcasts, January-June 1944£31,318Kay ChadwickCultures, Languages and Area StudiesUniversity of LiverpoolNFellowship
AHRCMar-11Jun-11Community Media-Spheres and the Creative Citizen£12,098Ian HargreavesJOMECCardiff UniversityYProject
AHRCFeb-11Jun-13Manga Movies: Contemporary Japanese Cinema, Media Franchising and Transnational Adaptation£144,785Rayna DenisonFilm, Television and Media StudiesUniversity of East AngliaYProject
AHRCJan-11Apr-11Doris Day: Exploring the myth of the 40 year old virgin£23,005Tamar McDonaldSchool of ArtsUniversity of KentYFellowship
AHRCApr-11Sep-12Multiplatforming Public Service Broadcasting£128,810James BennettMedia ArtsRoyal Holloway, University of LondonYProject
AHRCJan-11Jul-11Freethinker: The films and career of Peter Watkins£50,351John CookGlasgow School of Business and SocietyGlasgow Caledonian UniversityYFellowship
AHRCJan-11Jan-12Terrorist transgressions: network on gendered representations of the terrorist£30,281Sue MalvernArtUniversity of ReadingNProject
AHRCOct-11Sep-14The War Publicity Collection, Imperial War Museum, London£54,250James AulichResearch in Art and DesignManchester Metropolitan UniversityNProject
AHRCApr-11Jan-12A cultural history of popular music in San Francisco (1965-69)£73,431Sarah HillMusicCardiff UniversityNFellowship
AHRCOct-11Mar-12Gay, Lesbian and Waria Representations in Indonesian Cinema£43,355Ben MurtaghLanguage and CultureSchool of Oriental and African StudiesNFellowship
AHRCMay-11May-15Screen Plays: Theatre on British Television£309,584John WyverMedia Arts and DesignUniversity of WestminsterYProject
AHRCFeb-11Jun-14Collaborative Docs (Stage 2)£32,499Mandy RoseArts Creative Ind and EducationUniversity of the West of EnglandYProject
AHRCDec-11Jul-14Living with the past at home: domestic pre-habitation and inheritance£292,116Catherine NashGeographyQueen Mary, University of LondonNProject
AHRCOct-11Sep-12Divine Work or Celluloid Collaboration? The Greater East Asian Film Sphere and the legacy of colonial cinema£32,786Kate Taylor-JonesCreative Studies and MediaBangor UniversityYProject
AHRCOct-11Sep-14Communicating with the Occupied and Exiled: The BBC and Czech-language broadcasts 1940-1945£54,250Rajendra ChitnisModern LanguagesUniversity of BristolNProject
AHRCFeb-12Aug-12Media Across Borders£23,985Andrea EsserMedia, Culture and LanguageRoehampton UniversityYProject
AHRCJan-12Jan-13Media and the Inner World£94,148Caroline BainbridgeMedia, Culture and LanguageRoehampton UniversityYProject
AHRCFeb-12Jun-15Media, community and the creative citizen£1,130,300Ian HargreavesJOMECCardiff UniversityYProject
AHRCOct-12Jun-13Cyberbibles: new media and sacred text£56,056Timothy HutchingsCRESCOpen UniversityNFellowship
AHRCNov-12Apr-14Transforming Thresholds: Digital Media and Visitor Behvaiour in Museum Foyers£29,003Ruth PageEnglishUniversity of LeicesterNProject
AHRCJan-12Mar-13TV and digital promotion: agile strategies for a new media ecology£88,190Paul GraingeCultures, Languages and Area StudiesUniversity of NottinghamYProject
AHRCFeb-12Jan-13Community-Appropriated Research Model (CARM): from connectivity to impact through making and media£78,700Ann LightArts, Design and Social SciencesNorthumbria UniversityYProject
AHRCMar-12Nov-13World cinema on-demand: film distribution and education in the streaming media era£30,485Stefano BaschieraModern LanguagesQueen's University BelfastNProject
AHRCFeb-12Sep-12Community-powered transformations: digital transformations in the creative relationships between cultural and media organisations and their users£23,868David GauntlettMedia Arts and DesignUniversity of WestminsterYProject
AHRCOct-12Apr-13Latin American Cultural Production Online, from 1990 to the present£51,145Claire TaylorCultures, Languages and Area StudiesUniversity of LiverpoolNFellowship
AHRCJan-12Jul-13Ontological Narratives 3£48,124Joanna CallaghanMedia Art and Design Research InstituteUniversity of BedfordshireYProject
AHRCJun-12May-16Creativeworks London£3,939,590Morag Shiach and Evelyn WelchEnglishQueen Mary, University of LondonNProject
AHRCMar-12May-13Cinema£31,414Rosalind GaltMedia, Film and MusicUniversity of SussexYProject
AHRCFeb-12Jan-16Research and Enterprise in Arts and Creative Technologies: REACT KE Hub£4,102,300Jon DoveyArts Creative Ind and EducationUniversity of the West of EnglandYProject
AHRCFeb-12May-12Italy and the Islamic World: Culture, Identity and Representation (2001-2011)£29,952Charles BurdettModern LanguagesUniversity of BristolNFellowship
AHRCFeb-12Dec-12Sound, Craft, Vision, Place: Research for Community Heritage£19,804Richard MorrisMusic Humanities and MediaUniversity of HuddersfieldYProject
AHRCFeb-12Nov-12Learning from science communication's past: a historically informed approach to reciprocity, citizenship and diversity in a social contract for science£23,821Graeme GoodayPhilosophyUniversity of LeedsNProject
AHRCJan-12Sep-12thechineseroom: commercialisation of practice-led, research-driven experimental storytelling in games£95,821Daniel PinchbeckCreative TechnologiesUniversity of PortsmouthNProject
AHRCApr-12Mar-15Queer Cinema from Spain and France: the translation of desire and the formation of transnational queer identities£226,687Chris PerriamArts Languages and CulturesUniversity of ManchesterNProject
AHRCFeb-12Oct-12Diasporic Film in Communities: A scoping study of the relationship between screen culture, stakeholders and communities£31,124Sarita MalikSocial SciencesBrunel UniversityNProject
AHRCOct-12Dec-16Centre for Creativity, Regulation, Enterprise and Technology (CREATe)£4,164,480Martin Kretschmer and Ronan DeazleySchool of LawUniversity of GlasgowNProject
AHRCJan-12Jun-15Make me laugh: Creativity in the British Television Comedy Industry£329,369Brett MillsArt, Media and American StudiesUniversity of East AngliaYProject
AHRCJan-12Sep-12Jazz in France, 1934-75: contesting the politics of nation, art and world through music£64,854Tom PerchardMusicGoldsmithsNFellowship
AHRCSep-12Mar-15The UK Film Council: A case study of film policy in transition£254,693Gillian DoyleCulture and Creative ArtsUniversity of GlasgowYProject
AHRCFeb-13Dec-14Conserving and Sharing Community Media: The connected communities collection£51,193Ann LightArts, Design and Social SciencesNorthumbria UniversityYProject
AHRCJun-13Nov-14Bazaar Cinema: Re-purposing media and debating cultural rights of youth communities in London and Mumbai£34,253Janet HarboldLanguages Linguistics and FilmQueen Mary, University of LondonYProject
AHRCApr-13Jul-15Plurality and Media Power: new policy approahces to protecting the public interest in the 21st century£175,976Steven BarnettMedia Arts and DesignUniversity of WestminsterYFellowship
AHRCJan-13Sep-13Beyond Concern: The implications of sexualisation for the study of sex, the media and culture£70,427Feona AttwoodMedia and Performing ArtsMiddlesex UniversityYFellowship
AHRCFeb-13Jul-14Comparative approaches to Islam, Security and Television News: Implications for policy makers and the media£92,961Stephen HutchingsArts Languages and CulturesUniversity of ManchesterNProject
AHRCOct-13May-14Fandom, Participatory Culture and Cutlural Value - A critical review£30,890Cornel SandvossSociologyUniversity of SurreyYProject
AHRCMar-13Dec-13Humanitarianism 2.0£31,890James ThompsonArts Languages and CulturesUniversity of ManchesterNProject
AHRCApr-13Apr-14Digital Games: Representations of Disability£51,285Diane CarrCulture, Communication and MediaInstitute of EducationNFellowship
AHRCMar-13Jan-15Global Cult Cinema in the Age of Convergence£19,764Jamie SextonArts, Design and Social SciencesNorthumbria UniversityYProject
AHRCMar-13Aug-16Journalism on the Move: the special correspondent and Victorian print culture£167,156Catherine WatersSchool of EnglishUniversity of KentNProject
AHRCSep-13Mar-15Cult TV: TV Culture Network£22,590Lorna JowettSchool of the ArtsUniversity of NorthamptonNProject
AHRCOct-13Sep-16Earth in vision: BBC coverage of environmental change 1960-2010£359,848Joe SmithGeographyOpen UniversityNProject
AHRCJun-13Mar-14Extreme Cinema: Arthouse Ethics, Exoticism and the Desire for the Real£62,132Mattias FreySchool of ArtsUniversity of KentYProject
AHRCOct-13Jun-14Understanding the Changing Cultural Value of the BBC World Service and British Council£47,940Marie GillespieSocial SciencesOpen UniversityNProject
AHRCFeb-13Feb-14Community Filmmaking and Cultural Diversity: practice, innovation and policy£43,512Sarita MalikSocial SciencesBrunel UniversityNProject
AHRCOct-13Dec-15Decolonizing Voices: World Literature and Broadcast Culture at the End of Empire£197,010Michael NiblettCentre for Caribbean StudiesUniversity of WarwickNProject
AHRCFeb-13Jan-16Orientations in the Development of Pan-Arab Television for Children£424,031Naomi SakrMedia Arts and DesignUniversity of WestminsterYProject
AHRCApr-13Jun-14Screening Nature Network: Flora, Fauna and the Moving Image£31,269Anat PickLanguages Linguistics and FilmQueen Mary, University of LondonYProject
AHRCFeb-13Jul-14Documentary Film, Public History and Education in Northern Ireland£82,494Fearghal McGarryHistory and AnthropologyQueen's University BelfastNProject
AHRCApr-13Sep-14Supporting creatice business: the Cultural Enterprise Office and its clients£146,967Philip SchlesingerCollege of ArtsUniversity of GlasgowYProject
AHRCJan-13Mar-14The Creative Economy, Digital Technology and Innovation£197,659Simon GoldhillArts Social Sciences and HumanitiesUniversity of CambridgeNProject
AHRCDec-13Dec-17Make Do and Mend': A publishing and communication history of the Ministry of Information, 1939-45£782,410Simon EliotInst of English StudiesUniversity of LondonNProject
AHRCSep-13Apr-14The Cultural Value of Live Music: A case study of enthusiast, state-funded, and commercial events at Queen's Hall£30,630Matt BrennanEdinburgh College of ArtUniversity of EdinburghNProject
AHRCFeb-13Mar-15The Birmingham Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies: connected collaboration, connected communities and connected impact£195,182Matthew HiltonHistory and CulturesUniversity of BirminghamNProject
AHRCNov-14Aug-15Understanding Social Media Monitoring£43,341Helen KennedySociological StudiesUniversity of SheffieldNProject
AHRCFeb-14Jul-14Modelling Cultural Value within New Media Cultures of Networked Participation£40,090Victoria WalshHumanitiesRoyal College of ArtNProject
AHRCNov-14Nov-16Digital Folk: Digital Media in Folk Arts Participation£199,964Simon Keegan-PhippsMusicUniversity of SheffieldNProject
AHRCAug-14Jul-15Evaluating Social Media to Identify and Leverage Engagement with Arts and Culture Experiences£64,050Eric JensenSociologyUniversity of WarwickNProject
AHRCNov-14Apr-16Documenting digital feminist activism: mapping feminist responses to new media misogyny and rape culture£109,461Kaitlynn MendesMedia and CommunicationsUniversity of LeicesterYProject
AHRCFeb-14Jul-14Machinima: an investigation into the contribution of participatory user-generated machine-cinema to cultural values£38,359Tracy HarwoodTechnologyDe Montfort UniversityNProject
AHRCOct-14Mar-15Creative Interruptions: grassroots culture, state structures and disconnection as a space for 'radical openness'£24,992Sarita MalikSocial SciencesBrunel UniversityNProject
AHRCMar-14Mar-15Understanding Scotland Musically£69,237Simon McKerrellArts and CulturesNewcastle UniversityNFellowship
AHRCMar-14Jul-14Culture, Value, and Attention at Home£8,212Elena BoschiArts and HumanitiesLiverpool Hope UniversityYProject
AHRCFeb-14Sep-14Using Facebook to investigate local history: experience, value and policy implications on one town£26,872David Handcock StuddertSocial SciencesCardiff UniversityNProject
AHRCMar-14Mar-16Appraising potential legal responses to threats to the production of news in the digital environment£199,048Lionel BentlyLawUniversity of CambridgeNProject
AHRCJan-14Apr-15Visualising European Crime Fiction: New digital tools and approached to the study of transnational popular culture£80,006Dominique JeannerodModern LanguagesQueen's University BelfastNProject
AHRCSep-14Aug-18Calling the shots: Women and contemporary film culture in the UK, 2000-2015£589,710Shelley CobbHumanitiesUniversity of SouthamptonNProject
AHRCFeb-14Mar-15Creative territories: exploring innovation in indie game production contexts and connections£31,407Patrick CroganArts Creative Ind and EducationUniversity of the West of EnglandYProject
AHRCJan-14Jun-15Games and social change: in-between screens, places and communities£32,172Scott GaulePsychologyManchester Metropolitan UniversityNProject
AHRCNov-14Apr-16Improving cultural work: combating inequality and exclusion in the cultural and creative industries£23,919Kate OakleyMedia and CommunicationsUniversity of LeedsYProject
AHRCFeb-14Aug-14Online networks and the production of value in electronic music£38,098Daniel AllingtonLanguage and CommsOpen UniversityNProject
AHRCFeb-14Jul-14The value of Commercial Arts and Culture: A comparative mixed-methods approach to the reception of popular culture£39,806Cornel SandvossSociologyUniversity of SurreyYProject
AHRCAug-14Aug-16Reframing the Graphic Novel: Long-form adult comic narratives in North America and the UK c.1973-82£143,778Paul WilliamsEnglishUniversity of ExeterNFellowship
AHRCSep-14Oct-15Empowering Data Citizens£64,479Mark CoteDigital HumanitiesKings College LondonNProject
AHRCSep-15Feb-17Empathic Media: Theory-building and knowledge-exchange with industry, regulators and NGOs£133,375Andrew McStayCreative Studies and MediaBangor UniversityYFellowship
AHRCJan-15Jan-18Transformation and tradition in sixties British cinema: production cultures, cross media relations and national branding£665,130Duncan PetrieTheatre Film and Television StudiesUniversity of YorkYProject
AHRCSep-15May-16The audiovisual essay: a digital methodology for film and media studies£30,318Richard MisekEngineering and Digital ArtsUniversity of KentNProject
AHRCJun-15May-17Developing 'CEDAR': Consortium on Emerging Directions in Audience Research£35,915Ranjana DasMedia and CommunicationsUniversity of LeicesterYProject
AHRCApr-15Mar-16Tracking IP across the creative technologies project£39,586Sarah AtkinsonArts, Design and MediaUniversity of BrightonYProject
AHRCApr-15Feb-16What football players do…is part of the kids lives': Exploring the connections between young people and sporting celebrity£46,348Michael SkeyPolitics, Philosophy, Lang and CommsUniversity of East AngliaNProject
AHRCSep-15Mar-16Digital Technology and Human Vulnerability: Towards an ethical film praxis£38,784Michele AaronEnglish Drama American and Canadian StuUniversity of BirminghamNProject
AHRCAug-15Jul-16Television from small nations: building a network for cultural and commercial success£36,635Ruth McElroyCreative IndustriesUniversity of South WalesYProject
AHRCApr-15Nov-15Classical Music 'hyper-production' and practice-as-research£40,101Simon Zagorski-ThomasLondon College of MusicUniversity of West LondonNProject
AHRCJun-15Apr-17Radical Film Network: Sustaining Alternative Film Cultures£35,540Steve PresenceCreative Arts, Humanities and EducationUniversity of the West of EnglandYProject
AHRCOct-15Mar-19Towards an Intermedial History of Brazilian Cinema: Exploring intermediality as a historiographic method£718,140Lucia NagibFilm Theatre and TelevisionUniversity of ReadingNProject
AHRCJan-15Nov-15The BBC Monitoring Service collection at IWM Duxford: investigating and evaluating its heritage and academic value£32,751Suzanne BardgettImperial War MuseumImperial War MuseumNProject
AHRCJun-10Mar-15Spaces of television: Production, site and style£827,429Jonathan BignellFilm Theatre and TelevisionUniversity of ReadingYProject
AHRCMar-10Apr-11Consolidating moving image and sound database framework£332,520John EllisMedia ArtsRoyal Holloway, University of LondonYProject
AHRCMay-10Sep-10The use of audiovisual resources in jazz historiography and scholarship: performance, embodiment and mediatised representations£90,898Bjorn HeileMedia, Film and MusicUniversity of SussexYProject
AHRCOct-11Sep-14Writing the history of Southern Television: 1958-1982£54,250Catherine JohnsonCulture, Film and MediaUniversity of NottinghamYProject
AHRCSep-13Sep-16The history of Forgotten Television Drama in the UK£535,204John HillMedia ArtsRoyal Holloway, University of LondonYProject
AHRCJan-14Jun-17Women's Work and Working Women: A longitudinal study of women working in the British film and television industries (1933-1989)£488,329Melanie BellEnglishNewcastle UniversityNProject
AHRCJan-15Jan-17Fifty years of British Music Video, 1964-2014: Assessing innovation, industry, influence and impact£477,090Justin SmithCreative Arts Film and MediaUniversity of PortsmouthYProject
AHRCSep-10Sep-12Exploring the language of the popular in American and British newspapers 1833-1988£36,859Martin ConboyJournalism StudiesUniversity of SheffieldYProject
AHRCAug-11Jul-13Magazines, Travel and Middlebrow Culture in Canada 1925-1960£218,364Faye HammillEnglishUniversity of StrathclydeNProject
AHRCJan-14Jul-15Video Games in the Museum£34,810Gregor WhiteArts Media and Computer GamesUniversity of Abertay DundeeYProject
AHRCApr-10Jun-10Treacherous Women on Trial: Sexual Transgression in the Age of the Flapper£10,139Lucy BlandArts Languages and EducationLondon Metropolitan UniversityNProject
AHRCOct-11Sep-14Promoting Player's: Smoking, advertising and consume culture 1960-1980£54,250Elizabeth HarveyHistoryUniversity of NottinghamNProject
AHRCAug-12Sep-15Early cinema in Scotland, 1896-1927£583,980John CaughieCulture and Creative ArtsUniversity of GlasgowYProject
AHRCOct-11Sep-12Serving the Empire: P&O, Design, Identity and Representation , 1837 to 1969£60,250Anne MasseyArt and Design HistoryKingston UniversityNProject
AHRCOct-11Oct-15Comics and the World Wars£456,373Jane ChapmanLincoln School of JournalismUniversity of LincolnYProject
AHRCAug-14Nov-17British Silent Cinema and the Transition to Sound£395,154Laraine PorterMedia and CommunicationsDe Montfort UniversityYProject
AHRCJun-10Sep-11Collecting and curating popular music histories£106,843Marion LeonardMusicUniversity of LiverpoolNProject
AHRCJan-11Sep-11A new history of Spanish cinema: Middlebrow films and mainstream audiences£65,937Sally FaulknerModern LanguagesUniversity of ExeterNFellowship
AHRCFeb-12Jul-12Researching Readers Online: understanding the impact of digital transformations on the reading process£15,360Bronwen ThomasBournemouth Media SchoolBournemouth UniversityYProject
AHRCFeb-12Aug-12A study of the Screenplays in the British Film Institute Special Collections£25,426Jill NelmesHumanities and Social SciencesUniversity of East LondonYFellowship
AHRCFeb-13Oct-13Screening European Heritage: History on Film, the Heritage Industry and Cultural Policy£31,857Paul CookeModern Languages and CulturesUniversity of LeedsNProject
AHRCOct-13Mar-15Pararchive: Open access community storytelling and the digital archive£477,228Simon PoppleMedia and CommunicationsUniversity of LeedsYProject
AHRCMar-14Jul-14Experiencing the digital world: the cultural value of digital engagement with heritage£23,953Paul CookeHumanitiesUniversity of LeedsNProject
AHRCSep-15Dec-17Cultural Heritage and Improvised Music in European Festivals£157,311Tony WhytonBirmingham School of MediaBirmingham City UniversityYProject
AHRCSep-10Dec-10Spasticus: Popular Music and Disability£37,457George McKayArts and MediaUniversity of SalfordYProject
AHRCAug-11Jan-12On Sovereignty and Superheroes£43,833Neal CurtisCultures, Languages and Area StudiesUniversity of NottinghamNFellowship
AHRCNov-12Nov-14FuzzyPhoto£313,757Stephen BrownMedia and CommunicationsDe Montfort UniversityYProject
AHRCNov-13Aug-14The politics of cultural value: Towards an emancipatory framework£39,304Eleonora BelfioreCentre for Cultural Policy StudiesUniversity of WarwickNProject
AHRCSep-13Aug-16In search of Italian cinema audiences in the 1940s and 1950s: Gender, Genre and National Identity£652,412Daniela GennariTech Design and EnvironmentOxford Brookes UniversityNProject
AHRCApr-15Dec-15Playing Beowulf: Gaming the Library£41,337Andrew BurnCulture, Communication and MediaInstitute of EducationNProject
AHRCFeb-12Jul-12(Digitally) Transforming the Discipline: Reading games as (authorless) literature£23,999Julian McDougallEducationUniversity of WolverhamptonNProject
AHRCJun-13Feb-14Translating Music£22,389Lucile DesblacheMedia, Culture and LanguageRoehampton UniversityNProject
AHRCSep-13May-14The enactment of cultural values and taste-making within contemporary classical music£26,481Charlotte GilmoreBusiness SchoolUniversity of EdinburghNProject
AHRCSep-10May-14Digital Engagements: Online Exclusion and Social Capital£340,823David GauntlettMedia Arts and DesignUniversity of WestminsterYProject
AHRCFeb-11Oct-11Understanding the role of ICT use in connectivity of minority communities in Wales£32,988Panayiota TsatsouArts and HumanitiesSwansea UniversityNProject
AHRCSep-10Jan-12A new Italian Political Cinema?£25,948William HopeHumanities, Lang and Social ScienceUniversity of SalfordNProject
AHRCFeb-10Oct-10French Cinema in Britain since 1930£32,706Lucy MazdonHumanitiesUniversity of SouthamptonNProject
AHRCSep-11May-12Feminism, Journalism and British Literary Culture, 1920-1945: A study of Time and Tide£58,687Catherine ClayArts and HumanitiesNottingham Trent UniversityNFellowship
AHRCOct-11Jun-12Representations of The Child in Latin American Cinema£58,944Deborah MartinPolitics, Languages and Int StudiesUniversity of BathNFellowship
AHRCJan-12Dec-13Cultural Policy Under New Labour£244,467David HesmondalghInstitute of Communication StudiesUniversity of LeedsYProject
AHRCJan-12Jan-14The Chinese Film Forum UK£28,382Felicia ChanArts Languages and CulturesUniversity of ManchesterNProject
AHRCSep-12Feb-13The cinema of Laurent Cantet£40,330Martin O'ShaughnessyArts and HumanitiesNottingham Trent UniversityNProject
AHRCNov-13Apr-14Cultural Value: A Perspective from Cultural Economy£15,982Calvin TaylorPerformance and Cultural IndustriesUniversity of LeedsNProject
AHRCNov-13Feb-14The Values of Cultural Work: ethics, interests and motivations in the cultural and creative industries£14,175Mark BanksSociologyOpen UniversityNProject
AHRCMay-13Jun-14Chinese Film Festival Studies£36,205Chris BerryFilm StudiesKings College LondonYProject
AHRCSep-15Sep-16An Internet of Cultural Things: Creative Explorations of Data in Cultural Institutions£40,179Mark CoteDigital HumanitiesKings College LondonNProject
AHRCApr-15Jul-16The Soviet cine-underground: Lenfil'm (the Leningrad State Film Studio) and the transformation of late Soviet Culture, 1956-1991£193,590Catriona KellyMedieval and Modern LanguagesUniversity of OxfordNFellowship
AHRCOct-10Jul-11Holiday Pictures: Genre, Ritual, and Italian National Cinema'£28,305Alan O'LearyModern Languages and CulturesUniversity of LeedsNFellowship
AHRCJan-10Apr-10Elizabeth Taylor: From Child to Adult Star£38,353Susan SmithArts and DesignUniversity of SunderlandYProject
AHRCJan-11Jul-11Margaret Tait: Poetry and Experimental Film£50,187Sarah NeelyCommunications, Media and CultureUniversity of StirlingYFellowship
AHRCJan-12Dec-12Stanley Kubrick: New York Intellectual£76,198Nathan AbramsArts and HumanitiesBangor UniversityNFellowship
AHRCJan-13Jul-13Foundational Films. Cinema and Modernity in Brazil, 1889-1930£47,665Maite CondeBrazil InstituteKings College LondonNFellowship
AHRCJan-13Dec-15Cultural Memory and British Cinema-going of the 1960s£324,850Melvyn StokesHistoryUniversity College LondonNProject
AHRCFeb-14May-15DEEP FILM Access Project£79,058Sarah AtkinsonArt, Design and MediaUniversity of BrightonYProject
AHRCFeb-11Oct-11Situating community through creative technologies and practice£32,603Atau TanakaArts and CulturesNewcastle UniversityYProject
AHRCJan-14Dec-15Guitar Hero in Music Education? Musci-based video-games and their potential and performative creativity£35,264Aylish Wood and David Roesner-LagaoArtsUniversity of KentNProject
AHRCJan-14Jun-16Reading Digital Fictions£194,527Alice BellDevelopment and SocietySheffield Hallam UniversityNProject

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