Ann Luce

Ann Luce is the Chair of the MeCCSA Postgraduate Network and a co-opted member of the Executive Committee since September 2008.

A PhD student at the Cardiff School of Journalism, Cultural and Media Studies, her doctoral thesis looks at the newspaper coverage of
the Bridgend County suicides in 12 English and Welsh publications from
January 2008-June 2008, where she tease the discourses surrounding
suicide, but also analyse them in reference to three childhood suicides
that came before them, starting in 2004. Specifically, she looks at press
ideologies, framing and sourcing in suicide stories.

She also
addresses media power and passive-audience reception theory. With that in
mind, she attempts to contribute to the suicide literature, by debunking
the Werther Effect for which much of her future research will be based.

Posted by Salvatore Scifo