David Butler

David Butler has taught media and cultural studies for twelve
years, at the University of Ulster until 1999, and since then
at the University of East London, where he is Principal Lecturer
and Co-ordinator of the Undergraduate Degree Scheme in Cultural
& Media Studies in the School of Cultural & Innovation
Studies. He is external examiner for Media Studies programme
in the Centre for Continuing Education at the University of
Sussex. Author of ‘The Trouble with Reporting Northern Ireland’
(1995), his research interests centre on the political uses
of cultural theory (notably its pedagogic uses). Background
in journalism, community arts and activism. While still in
NI, worked with voluntary sector groups and in ‘conflict resolution’
business. Designed and delivered Media and Cultural Studies
courses in Maze prison. Served last year on MeCCSA conference
committee and is co-ordinating development of the association’s


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