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MeCCSA operates a discussion and information list through the JISCmail system. This list is free to join and provides a forum for the exchange of information on conferences, seminars, journals, jobs and events.

The MeCCSA JISCmail list is also designed to encourage the sharing of research activities and information on all aspects of interest to academics working in the field.

To send a message to all the people currently subscribed to the list, send an email to: MECCSA@JISCMAIL.AC.UK – note that you have to send from the email you are subscribed to the list with in order for your email to be passed on.

For any further information, subscriptions and unsubscription questions please visit the main list website:

Please note that on the MeCCSA JISCmail home page you will be able to access also all the messages posted on the list since 1998. 

To post a message on the list if you are not a member (subject to approval), please get in touch with Einar Thorsen .

MeCCSA’s Networks also operate their own mailing lists:

The MeCCSA Radio Studies Network encourages interested colleagues to subscribe to the Radio Studies list (email: RADIO-STUDIES@JISCMAIL.AC.UK), a forum for teachers, researchers and broadcasters active since 1998. 

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