Jane Arthurs

Jane Arthurs is currently Head of the School of Cultural
Studies at UWE, where she has been a lecturer since 1993.
It is a large school with undergraduate and postgraduate
awards and an active research culture in Film, Media and
Cultural Studies theory and practice. Her early career was
in FE, but twenty years ago she moved to a higher education
college in Warrington, and then to Thames Valley University
in 1988. As chair of the SEFT education board during the
80s she played a national role in establishing media and
film studies in the curriculum. Her teaching and research
is in film and television studies, and feminist cultural
studies. She has co-edited Women’s Bodies: Discipline
and Transgression
and Crash Cultures: Modernity,
Mediation and the Material
and co-authored The Crash
Controversy: Censorship Campaigns and Film Reception.
most recent book is Television and Sexuality: Regulation
and the Politics of Taste
. She is a member of the MECCSA
Women’s Media Studies Network for whom she organised
a day event on ‘The New Sexism’. She is also
currently a co-organiser of an interdisciplinary seminar
series funded by the ESRC on ‘New Femininities’.


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