Margaret Montgomerie

Margaret MontgomerieMargaret Montgomerie is Programme Leader in Joint Media
at De Montfort University. She teaches in the areas of Media
Texts and Media Gender and Identity. Her research is mainly concerned
with shifts in the representations of marginalised identities in
popular screen fictions. Her current research is focussed on media representations of impairment and
disability, working with Santesih at the University of
Montpellier and The Outside Centre, Wolverhampton.

Margaret served as a committee member
and conference organiser for AMFIT, one of the organisations
which formed MeCCSA and she was also a Board Member of Console-ing
the USA-based Feminist Screen Research Conference
organisation. She was a founder member of the MeCCSA Women’s
Media Studies Network and organised and hosted the inaugural meeting
at the University of Derby in 2001. She is currently a coordinating committee
member of the Network.

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