Mark Jancovich

Mark JankovichMark Jancovich is Professor of Film and Television Studies
at University of East Anglia. His interests include film,
media and cultural theory; genre (particularly horror, pornography
and the historical epic); audience and reception studies;
and contemporary popular television. He is currently working
on a history of American horror in the 1940s. Publications
include: The
Place of the Audience: Cultural Geographies of Film Consumption
Lucy Faire and Sarah Stubbings) (BFI, 2003); edited with
Antonio Lazaro, Julian Stringer, and Andrew Willis, Defining
Cult Movies: The Cultural Politics of Oppositional
2003); edited with James Lyons, Quality Popular Television:
Cult TV, the Industry and Fans
(BFI, 2003); edited, Horror:
The Film Reader
, (Routledge, 2001); edited with Joanne
Hollows and Peter Hutchings, The Film Studies Reader (Arnold,
2000); Rational Fears: American Horror in the 1950s (Manchester
University Press, 1996); edited with Joanne Hollows, Approaches
to Popular Film
(Manchester University Press, 1995); The
Cultural Politics of the New Criticism
University Press, 1993); Horror (Batsford, 1992).

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