Climate Change Network

The aim of the Climate Change Network is to strengthen the ability of MeCCSA and its
members to respond to and lead the worldwide academic contribution to
understanding media, communication and cultural studies where they meet
issues of climate change, environment and sustainable development; it
will do this by continually encourage MeCCSA and its members to conduct
research and seek interventions that account for the sustainability of
its impact.

Disability Studies Network

The MeCCSA Disability Studies Network aims to support and promote the development of the research and teaching of Disability Studies within Media Studies and to provide a space to support and promote the work of disabled academics, lecturers, researchers and media practitioners working in Higher Education. The network will facilitate the sharing of information, develop and promote research and publication in the fields of media, film, music, communications and cultural studies in relation to disability. For further information please contact Margaret Montgomerie.

Policy Network

The aim of the MeCCSA Policy Network is to exchange ideas and research
findings, but also to join with civil society – NGOs, media workers’
organisations, press freedom campaigns, consumer groups and so on – in
their debates with the regulators, the broadcasters and the Government.
A particular goal, where appropriate, would be to support such groups
by providing them with expert evidence, based on academic research.

Postgraduate Network

The aim of the Postgraduate Network (MeCCSA-PGN) is to bring together
postgraduate students in media, communication and cultural studies from
different intellectual traditions and cultural backgrounds in order to
form research, and teaching and learning networks and also ensure peer

Practice Section

The MeCCSA Practice Section champions practice within the Media
Communications and Cultural Studies Association, ensuring that those
that teach and research practice have a strong voice within the subject
association and beyond. We are dedicated to maintaining and developing
links with the creative industries and relevant national and
international networks and associations.

Race Network

The MeCCSA Race Network is a space to support and promote the work of academics, researchers
and cultural practitioners whose research is concerned with issues of
race, media and culture. The network facilitates the sharing of information, develops and
promotes research and seeks publishing and production opportunities for
individuals in the fields of media, film, music, communications and
cultural studies.

Radio Studies Network

The Radio Studies Network became a MeCCSA Network in January 2010. It was originally founded in December 1998 by lecturers and researchers to encourage sustained, lively and critical study and research in radio, and seek ways to improve its academic and cultural status. Whatever aspect of radio you are interested in, or whatever discipline governs your approach, you are welcome to join. 

Women’s Media Studies Network

The Women’s Media Studies Network is intended
for all women researching and teaching in media studies,
film and media practice and production areas. It aims
to raise the profile of women in these disciplines
and promote the research women do. It is also establishing
links with other women’s associations in the field
and with relevant journals both nationally and at international

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